Board of Directors


2012-2013 CHADD
Officers and Board of Directors

Barbara S. Hawkins Barbara S. Hawkins, BA

A retired educator, artist and current farmer, Hawkins has been involved with CHADD since her daughter’s diagnosis with ADHD almost twenty years ago. She served at the local level on the PAB, as volunteer coordinator and as Chapter coordinator of CHADD of Greater Baltimore.  Instrumental in the development of several regional conferences on ADHD, she also chaired the Children’s Mental Health Conference in Baltimore.  At the National level, Hawkins served on the Chapter Services and Finance Committees and has been on the National Board of Directors serving as Secretary and Treasurer. Hawkins lives in Baltimore with her husband, daughter and extended family awash in ADHD.
Steven Peer Steven Peer
Immediate Past President
Steven Peer became president of CHADD's board of directors in July 2010. Peer served as the chapter coordinator of CHADD Twin Cities in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. He is president of Emotional Mastery, Inc., a company delivering anger and emotion management programs to professionals within the judicial system. As a pastoral counselor, Peer has worked closely with teens and adults with ADHD. In 1982, he cofounded a men's group that continues to provide community support to individuals with anger-management issues. In addition to his enormous work on behalf of those living with ADHD, Peer is working on a book titled Why Is My Child Always Angry? He is also the father of children with ADHD.
M Jeffrey Spahr, JD M. Jeffry Spahr, MBA, JD

M. Jeffry Spahr, MBA, JD, is an attorney in Norwalk, Connecticut. He is the proud father of two children, one of whom has ADHD and the other who is the loving sibling. He is husband to Marlene who, as a physical therapist and "horse person," volunteers to work with children with learning disabilities through the Pegasus Therapeutic Riding program. Spahr is president of the Connecticut Association of Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities (CACLD). He has been the driving force behind the Connecticut governor's annually declaring an ADHD Awareness Week in the state. He also founded the Association of Parents of Exceptional Children and Siblings ( to assist parents in his state in coping with the legal and academic challenges they face for their children.

Image Michael MacKay
Michael F. MacKay, JD, CPA, MSIA is a retired health care executive living in Baltimore, Maryland.  He and his wife, Jane, are the proud parents of two exceptional sons.  When their younger son was diagnosed with ADHD they began their personal journey of challenge and growth in understanding the impact of ADHD.  This culminated in their appreciation for and Mike’s volunteering to work with CHADD.  In addition to serving on the Board, MacKay chairs the Finance Committee.
Ingrid Alpern

Ingrid Alpern, JD, LLM in Tax
Ingrid Y. Alpern, JD, LLM in Tax, practiced tax law in Washington, DC for many years.  Alpern has also raised awareness about ADHD and has provided support to families coping with ADHD through her long-term work as a volunteer for CHADD and as a Parent to Parent teacher.  As a board member, Alpern is the co-chairperson of CHADD’s Public Policy Committee.  She also serves on CHADD’s Finance Committee.  In each of these roles, Alpern brings to CHADD the expertise she developed as a tax attorney in legal research and writing and analysis of complex matters.

Holly Graff, CPO 

Holly Graff, CPO, BS
New York

Holly Graff, CPO, is a certified professional organizer and productivity consultant. She has a passion for teaching others how to improve and implement their own organizing skills so they are free to focus on the important aspects of their lives. Graff was recently the Northern California CHADD chapter coordinator with numerous branches. She brings interesting and informative speakers, selected from the region’s best experts and resources, to each meeting. As a certified Parent to Parent teacher, she has supported parents and developed a terrific community network. Graff was recognized as CHADD's Volunteer of the Year in 2010. She also volunteers with the National Association of Professional Organizers as the national committee chair of Quantum Leap, a community service program. Graff has a talented and creative daughter with ADHD, and resides in Victor, NY.

Charles Kaplanek  Charles Kaplanek
New York

Charles (Chuck) Kaplanek was born in New York City, the only son of Eastern European parents, and grew up multilingual. At the age of thirty-two, he took the helm of the family business after his father suffered a heart attack. Floral Glass grew over the next twenty years, until mid-2004, when it was acquired by a large public company. Kaplanek raised three boys, Chris, Carey, and Cory. He began his volunteer work with CHADD in 1990 shortly after one of his boys was diagnosed with ADHD. He attended and then assisted with support groups in the local CHADD chapter in Suffolk County, New York. He became involved nationally when his wife, Beth, became the president of CHADD in 2000. In 2005 Chuck joined the CHADD President's Council by making a family donation because he believes in the products of the President's Council, such as Parent To Parent and the Educators Manual. Chuck is currently the chairman of the President’s Council.


Jeffrey S. Katz, PhD

Jeffrey S. Katz, PhD, is a clinical psychologist practicing in Norfolk, Virginia, where he uses his passion for ADHD to raise awareness and to educate the Hampton Roads community. Katz’s interest in ADHD began with his doctoral dissertation and continues in his practice with clients who have the disorder and his long association with CHADD. As a board member, Katz is the chairperson of CHADD’s Public Policy Committee. He also serves on CHADD’s annual conference committee, reviewing presentation proposals and facilitating the mental health networking session. Katz served as the coordinator of the Tidewater chapter of CHADD for many years. In addition to his service to CHADD, he volunteers with the Southeastern Virginia Chapter of the American Red Cross as the chairperson for Disaster Mental Health.

  Harvey C. Parker, PhD

Harvey Parker, a licensed clinical psychologist, is a cofounder and a former executive director of CHADD. He played an instrumental role in encouraging the U.S Department of Education to clarify the responsibility schools must assume in providing appropriate educational services to students with ADHD. Parker has authored and coauthored a number of publications on ADHD. Because of all of his contributions to making the country a better place for people affected by the disorder, Parker was inducted into the CHADD Hall of Fame in 1994.
Sharyn Rhodes  Sharyn S. Rhodes, PhD

Sharyn S. Rhodes, PhD, joined CHADD’s national board of directors in 2009. She is a retired professor of special education who taught undergraduate and graduate courses at Appalachian State University, Johns Hopkins University, and, for twenty-nine years, Loyola University Maryland. She has served on the professional advisory board and board of directors for CHADD of Greater Baltimore for fifteen years. She was coordinator of the chapter for two years, and is currently immediate past coordinator and event chair. Rhodes is a certified Parent to Parent teacher and has been running P2P classes for five years.
Anthony Rostain, MD
biography to come
Mary Anne Tharin
North Carolina

Mary Anne Tharin is a retired educator with forty-three years of experience. After classroom teaching in both general and special education in the 1960s and 70s, she became the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) consultant for Specific Learning Disabilities during the dawning of PL94-142. She focused for fifteen years on development of statewide SLD policy and program development. During that time, attention deficit disorder became a national focal point and also an area for her consultation. In 1994, Tharin became a staff member with the NC Standards and Accountability Commission, an advisory commission for the governor, state legislature, and state board of education. The commission and the subsequent 1998 Standards and Accountability Committee were significant advisors for North Carolina’s current graduation and assessment requirements. Tharin served as staff for the NCDPI Raising Achievement and Closing Gaps Commission until her recent retirement. She also taught courses at the college level.

Dulce Torres  Dulce Torres, LPC-S, BCC
Dulce Torres is the mother of a young adult with ADHD and has been a therapeutic foster parent for children with ADHD and other co-existing conditions. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor, Board Certified Coach by the Center for Credentialing and Education and the founder of DST Counseling & Coaching Services, specializing in ADHD therapy and coaching. Dulce has over 20 years of experienced in the mental health field. Dulce’s passion is to tap into each person’s strengths and partner up with them to follow their own life compass. She volunteers as the coordinator for the North Texas Chapter of CHADD, she is a certified Parent to Parent teacher and has been running P2P classes for the last 4 years. She is also a P2P Spanish trainer. Dulce is fluent in Spanish and is a columnist for the Spanish newspaper El Panorama and co-author of the book, 365 Ways to Succeed with ADHD.