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Gifts that Double

…there is twice the power when donations are matched

CHADD partners with a number of corporate, federal, state, public, and private workplaces nationwide to encourage employee giving.

Giving to CHADD can also be easy and simple through payroll deduction. This way you can double your support to CHADD year-round, or for a designated time each pay period, or even have your donation matched through participating employers.  Consider any one of these convenient employer giving programs to support CHADD as the foremost authority on all things ADHD.

Make an impact today using any convenient employer donation gateway and you can even double your giving power.

State and Local Charitable Campaigns

State & Local Charitable Campaigns

  • America Charities
  • Local Independent Charites
  • United Way
Employer Matching Gift Programs

Employer Matching Gift Programs
Approximately 2/3 of companies match employee donations to most non-profit organization or educational institution. Want to double your gift?