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Section 504 in Public Schools

Section 504 - A great place to begin, this page will help you understand what Section 504 is and how it may help your child.

A 504 Primer - This overview will educate you about Section 504 accommodations.

A Parent's Guide to Section 504 - Mary Durheim answers frequently asked questions about Section 504.

Examples of Accommodations or Interventions for a Section 504 Plan - Not sure what accommodations your child needs? Here is a list of the common accommodations for students with AD/HD.

Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments of 2008 - Understand how changes in the ADA can help your child receive accommodations in the classroom through an Ask the Expert chat with special education lawyer Matt Cohen. Log in to "Ready Talk" to hear this 75-minute audiotape.

Taking College Entrance Exams? - Asking for extra time when talking college entrance exams can be a challenge.