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Handle Homework Hassles - Six experts share their most helpful advice on homework and children with ADHD.

Meeting the Homework Challenge - Do you have homework wars in your home? Find out how to bring order and calm back to the process, and help your child learn the skills to master the homework challenge.

12 Steps to Homework Completion - Homework is an incredibly complex task and these 12 steps will help you identify where the problems occur.

A Parent's Role in Homework - Has your child become too dependent on you to help with homework and school assignments?

Lying about Schoolwork - When children with ADHD fall into a pattern of avoiding schoolwork and not being truthful about it, what's a parent to do?

Elementary Tracker - A worksheet to help you and the teacher track your child's behavior and homework each day.

Homework Plan Contract - Set up a system to positively reinforce good homework behaviors.

Too Much Homework? - This simple list will help you evaluate the impact of homework on your child and family. Then work with the school to implement a more reasonable homework plan.

Time Management and Task Completion - The tendency to measure the use of time by its outcome creates problems in teaching time-management skills to children with ADHD.

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