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Kindergarten through 12th Grade

boys K-12If your child is having trouble in school, where do you start?

Students diagnosed with ADHD may be entitled to classroom accommodations or services if the disorder has a negative impact on academic, social, or behavioral performance at school. A diagnosis does not automatically entitle a student to services or accommodations, however. The resources listed below will provide you with a good background in the services and/or accommodations that may be available to your child. Every public school should also provide parents with information about local procedures and policies governing ADHD and support available through the school.

If you have placed your child in a private school, or if your child's school receives no federal funding, you may not have access to many of the services and accommodations offered in public school. But you can still use many of the suggestions in the resources below to develop a plan with your child's teacher and school to provide a more supportive education environment.

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