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The adolescent years can be stormy under the best of circumstances as our young people strive for independence. Add ADHD into the mix and these years become more difficult for both teens and parents. But there is much you can do to help yourself or your teen navigate these years successfully and learn the skills necessary to manage ADHD as a young adult.

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What We Know #20A: ADHD and Teens: Information for Teens - While teens with ADHD may face unique challenges heading into adulthood, in many ways, they are the same as any other teen.

What We Know #20B: ADHD and Teens: Information for Parents - ADHD was once thought of as a disorder that children outgrew, but research has shown the majority of children continue to show symptoms into adolescence.

Information for Teens - What is ADHD, who gets it and what are the treatment options for it? These are common questions for many adolescents who find themselves with ADHD.

Members OnlyPositive Psychology for Today's Adolescents - While the teenage years can be stressful and difficult for anyone, youth with ADHD can have particular problems navigating the difficult decisions that must be made in their daily lives.

Members OnlySet Your Teen Up for Success - Join psychologist Ari Tuckman as he answers CHADD members' questions about helping adolescents with ADHD thrive and succeed.

Members OnlySurviving the Ride: Parenting Teenagers with ADHD - Parenting a teenager with ADHD may be compared to riding a roller coaster: There are many ups and downs, laughs and tears, and breathtaking and terrifying experiences.

Members OnlyParenting an Adolescent with ADHD - Read the interaction between CHADD members and well-respected child and adolescent psychologist Arthur Robin on the challenges of parenting teens with ADHD.

Members OnlyYou and Your ADHD: Partners for Life - With relative certainty, we can predict that ADHD will continue to influence the behavior and attitude of an individual throughout his or her life.

Members OnlyCoaching for Adolescents with ADHD - Learn all about coaching for adolescents from Jodi Sleeper-Triplett through a transcript of one of CHADD's Ask The Expert chat sessions.

Members OnlyKnow the Tipping Points: Reducing Vulnerability to Antisocial Behavior in Youth with ADHD - What British police have learned about reducing the vulnerability to antisocial and criminal behavior in youth with ADHD. h

Members OnlyInstilling Time Management - Time management is the capacity to estimate how much time one has, how to allocate it, and how to stay within time limits and deadlines.

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