Summer Vacations

Summer Vacations

Summertime, and the living is easy....

When you have ADHD in the family, the unstructured nature of summer and leisure activity can be a challenge and not always so easy. But with a little planning and forethought, summers can be a lot more fun for the entire family.

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Recreation, or How the Ball Bounces - What about family recreation? You know, the time spent together and not running between appointments, lessons and deadlines.

ADHD and Less-Than-Perfect Summer Vacations - Vacations are meant to be a time to relax and just get away from it all. For people affected by ADHD, however, it’s not always so easy to escape.

Yes, You Can Take Family Field Trips… with ADHD - Family field trips are important. Parents and children have the opportunity to see each other in different roles and in new places, replacing routine with excitement and a chance for wonder.

Tips for a Good Summer - For families who have one or more children with ADHD, summertime can be stressful instead of exciting. It doesn't have to be this way, and with some preplanning and a bit of research, it can be a great time of year.

Summer Management - School’s out, and students are looking forward to sunny, lazy days with free time to lie in the hammock or splash in the pool. But for parents who are dealing with their children’s ADHD, summertime can be challenging.

Summer Camp

FAQ: Can you help me find a summer camp for my child? - There are several resources you can use to locate summer camps designed especially for children with AD/HD. These resources may be accessed either on the Internet or by telephone.

Understanding the Pitch When Setting Up Camp - For some children and parents, camp time is fueled by worry and uncertainty. This is an understandable and valid concern, especially for parents of children with ADHD or other learning and behavioral disorders.

Separation Concerns and Summer Camp - It is not uncommon for first-time campers, and sometimes returning campers, to experience fears, concerns, and even full-blown panic about leaving home and going to sleep-away camp.

Getting the Most Out of Summer Camp - Sleepover camps can and should be wonderful experiences for children, but as a parent, you have a responsibility to take several measures before your child comes to camp to make sure she gets the most out of her camp experience.

Going to Camp! Spotlight on the 2009 CHADD Summer Camp Awardees - CHADD has once again made possible the opportunity to attend summer camp to children living with a diagnosis of ADHD.

Finding a Summer Camp

The Summer Camp Search: Savvy Tips for a Successful Hunt - It may seem crazy to start planning for summer months ahead of time, but finding a camp for a child with ADHD can be stressful. While it is tempting to procrastinate, starting your search early will pay off in the long run.