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High School for Teens with ADHD

The social, academic, and peer pressures of high school can be where the rubber hits the road for adolescents with ADHD. They are now expected to work independently, with much less support from teachers. And at the same time our teens are exposed to many high-risk temptations—alcohol, street drugs, cigarettes, sexual behavior, and driving recklessly. What can we do to make the high-school challenges easier and more productive learning experiences for our teens? Read on.

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Lying About Schoolwork - What to do if a child or adolescent lies about schoolwork.

High School Girls with ADHD - It seems as if nature and society have conspired to pack the high-school years with so many daunting challenges that even the most adept and well-adjusted adolescent feels overloaded. When ADHD is added to the mix, high school becomes even more challenging, and may even become a destructive experience.

Response to Intervention for Behavior and Academics - When schools raise their academic expectations, research shows that behavior problems decrease. And when schools raise their behavioral expectations, research shows that academic problems decrease.

Disclosure in Educational Settings - Although children and adolescents with ADHD may certainly improve over time, parents must keep in mind that the disorder is chronic and that the symptoms and associated impairments are unlikely to be remedied from one school year to the next.

Disclosure Can Be an Opportunity - If only the people around us knew that he has ADHD. And if only they understood the complexity of living with AD/HD and the challenges we face because of it. How many times have you had these thoughts?