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9 Ways to Master Social Skills

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Is There an APP for That? Social Skills for Young Adults with ADHD
Author(s): Michele Novotni
Summary: No Abstract.
Learning to Think Socially: The ILAUGH Model of Social Thinking
Author(s): Mark Katz
Summary: No Abstract.
ADHD and Social Challenges at Work
Author(s): Michael MacKay, Michele Novotni
Summary: The social impact of ADHD can take a toll, not only in personal life, but also in the workplace. Sometimes a job is spared or someone is promoted because of the ability to form and maintain social relationships in the workplace.
Friendship Boosters for Adults with ADHD
Author(s): Ari Tuckman
Summary: Relationships are important to your mental and physical health. Part of managing your ADHD involves managing how you relate to other people.
Women with ADHD and Friendship
Author(s): Karen Sampson Hoffman
Summary: For women with executive function challenges, the process of building and maintaining friendships doesn't come easily, but small changes made gradually can have a big impact.
Why Empathy Matters
Author(s): Robert B. Brooks
Summary: Why do so many people with ADHD struggle with developing a quality vital for successful relationships? Learn to recognize roadblocks and practice strategies for strengthening empathic skills.
ADHD and (Mis)Perception of the Truth, (Mis)Interpretation, and Other "Honest Lying" Behaviors
Author(s): Jeffrey Bernstein, Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi
Summary: ADHD-related communication challenges sabotage relationships. These strategies can prevent problems and provide damage control.
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