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As a young adult with ADHD, you are now on your own and managing your life independent of your family. Friends, dating, work relationships, and long-term relationships are extremely important. Learning how to manage the symptoms of ADHD can make a big difference in the quality of these relationships.

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Interacting with Others: Tips for Adults with ADHD - To get along well with others, people must be able to pay attention, to be responsible, and to control their impulses.

Members OnlyFriendship Boosters for Adults with ADHD - Part of managing your ADHD involves managing how you relate to other people.

Members OnlyADHD and Social Challenges at Work - The social impact of ADHD can take a toll, not only in personal life but also in the workplace.

Members OnlyNavigating the College Social Scene - For many students college life is, in large part, about the social scene—making new friends, adjusting to new roommates and fitting in with the right crowd.

Members OnlyADHD and Challenges of Early Adulthood - Leaving home for the first time, a young adult with ADHD may feel as though he or she has fallen off a cliff.

Members OnlyLifestyle and Related Issues in Adult ADHD - Adults with ADHD typically face major lifestyle impairments as the result of hyperactive, impulsive, and inattentive symptoms.

Members OnlyShared Space: Roommates - Living with a roommate while coping with ADHD can provide many challenges and a handful of unique situations.

Members OnlyADHD and Sex: No Shame, No Blame - The symptoms of ADHD can intrude into all areas of your life, including romance and sex.

Members OnlyTo Sleep, Perchance to Turn Off That *&$@# Computer - Do you fight going to sleep at night? Many people with ADHD do.

Members OnlyDealing with the Impact of ADHD on Marriage - While any marriage has its challenging moments, when one or both spouses have ADHD, those times only seem to multiply.

Members OnlyHow to Succeed in Marriage with ADHD - How can a couple improve their marriage when ADHD is a factor?

Members OnlySnapshots of an ADHD Marriage - Diagnosis and treatment of ADHD can make all the difference in the quality of your marriage.