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Good relationships take a lot of work, whether they are with a spouse, a significant other, a child, or a friend. When one of the people involved has ADHD, there can be additional challenges. Impulsiveness and forgetfulness can be major hindrances to building trusting relationships. And if you are like most people with ADHD, you have received many negative messages about your behavior, and your sense of self-worth may have been adversely affected.

If you are the non-ADHD partner in a relationship, it is challenging to define your expectations and roles in a manner that is supportive but not disabling for your partner who has ADHD. Many people have been down this path and learned valuable lessons on coping with ADHD within a relationship. The articles and information below should help you find answers.

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Social Skills

Interacting with Others: Tips for Adults with ADHD - To get along well with others, people must be able to pay attention, to be responsible, and to control their impulses.

Social Skills in Adults with ADHD - Individuals with ADHD often struggle in social situations.

Members OnlyADHD in Adult Relationships - Author Gina Pera answers questions on the impact of ADHD in a relationship. 

Members OnlyLifestyle and Related Issues in Adult ADHD - Adults with ADHD typically face major lifestyle impairments as the result of hyperactive, impulsive, and inattentive symptoms. Even with cognitive and medical treatment, many struggle on a daily basis due to poor organization, inconsistent follow through, poor financial management, difficulty balancing work and home responsibilities, and quality of relationships.

Members OnlyTo Tell or Not to Tell - I’m often asked by clients and audience members at presentations about whether someone should tell family, friends, coworkers, or bosses about having ADHD.

Members OnlyThe Social-Emotional Landscape -  Social skills are a perennial issue for families and adults affected by the disorder.

Members OnlyOut with the Old, In With the... Wait, Do You Really Need New Clutter? - Read Gina Pera's blog dealing with organizational challenges and spouses' perceptions of the problems.

Members OnlyAntisocial and Criminal behaviors in Adults with ADHD - There is a strong scientific consensus that having ADHD in childhood places the individual at significantly greater risk for a host of problems in adulthood.


Members OnlyStay Connected with Your ADHD Partner - When a spouse is constantly distracted or can't slow down enough to pay attention to his or her partner's needs, it often leads to a relationship meltdown.

Members OnlyThe "Gifts of ADHD": Transforming Humiliation into Humility - A big obstacle faced by couples dealing with ADHD is denial.

Members OnlyIs It "Miscommunications" - or ADHD? - Central auditory processing disorder (CAPD) can accompany ADHD and result in problems with processing oral communications. 

Marriage and Long-Term Relationships

Marriage and Partnerships - Conflict and discord are common in marriages and partnerships involving an individual with undiagnosed ADHD.

Members OnlyWhen a "Good News" Diagnosis Means "Bad News" for the Relationship - Diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in one partner, can create brand new dynamics in a relationship.  It can take hard work to sort out the changes.

Members OnlyDealing with the Impact of ADHD on Marriage - While any marriage has its challenging moments, when one or both spouses have ADHD, those times only seem to multiply.

Members OnlyHow to Succeed in Marriage with ADHD - How can a couple improve their marriage when ADHD is a factor?

Members OnlySnapshots of an ADHD Marriage - Diagnosis and treatment of ADHD can make all the difference in the quality of your marriage.

Members OnlyPartners in Life, Partners in ADHD Awareness - Ensuring a spouse is diagnosed and receives effective treatment is a shared responsibility. 


Members OnlyADHD and Sex: No Shame, No Blame - The symptoms of ADHD can intrude into all areas of your life, including romance and sex. 

Members OnlyTo Sleep, Perchance to Turn Off That *&$@# Computer - Do you fight going to sleep at night?  Many people with ADHD do.

Members OnlyClose Relationships, Intimacy and ADHD - ADHD can interfere with developing a close relationship with your significant other.