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December 7, 2017 Edition

Q&A: What Does the Babysitter Need to Know About ADHD?
Q: I’m a new babysitter to a child who have ADHD. What do I need to know?
A: As a babysitter you’re an important part of this family’s support system. In addition to being familiar with ADHD and how it might affect the children you babysit, we have some information and tips that could help you care for a child affected by ADHD.

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How Can You Manage Holiday Gift-Giving?
If you have ADHD, your symptoms may cause you to go overboard in shopping sprees, leaving you with a regrettably high credit card balance in January. How can you avoid this, yet still honor your friends and loved ones?

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What To Do When Your Child is Bullied
It’s heart-breaking to learn your child has been bullied. What can you do to help your child? We interview experts in this special video. Watch now to get information and tips to help your child.

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