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March 15, 2018 Edition

Letting Go At the Right Time: Tips For Supportive Parenting
No one likes to see his child struggling, especially when ADHD symptoms cause problems. But what is the difference between being a supportive parent and a “helicopter” parent? When should we let go and let our children figure it on their own?

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I’m here, too! Helping Your Child Who Doesn’t Have ADHD
ADHD affects the entire family, but often the sibling who doesn’t have ADHD feels alone and frustrated when the parent’s attention is on helping the struggling sibling. What can you do to meet the needs of your children who don’t have an ADHD diagnosis?

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Q&A With ADHD Author Edward Hallowell
Do you wonder if your ADHD symptoms are getting worse as you grow older? How should you feel when take medication for your symptoms? Why do you feel you need to be a perfectionist? Is there something about modern life that seems to cause ADHD symptoms? Dr. Edward Hallowell answers these questions and many more in this special CHADD Video, first shown during the 2017 Annual International Conference on ADHD.

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