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Teacher to Teacher

Two great options for quality training for teachers and administrators...

Teacher to Teacher-Best Practice Intervention Strategies to Ensure School Success is a day-long workshop that helps educators identify common ADHD-related learning problems and proven classroom techniques, interventions, and the latest research to enhance school success for students with ADHD. As a classroom teacher, this interactive training allows you to discuss solutions to common academic and behavioral problems in a case-based format.



The Modules

From theory to practice you will learn best-practice interventions to manage every aspect of ADHD in the classroom, including:

  • Understanding ADHD & Executive Function Deficits
  • Keys for Academic Success
  • Organizational Deficits and ADHD
  • Effective Behavioral, Emotional and Social Interventions
  • Real Life Challenges: Case-Based Problem Solving
  • Designing ADHD-Friendly Classrooms


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