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Should I become a Parent to Parent Teacher?

Teaching the Parent to Parent classes is a labor of love and a commitment to making your local community a better place for families with ADHD. Here are some questions you should ask yourself in making this decision:

1. Do I want to learn the latest information available about ADHD? The Parent to Parent presentations are scripted for you with PowerPoint presentations and extensive teacher guidance. The material has been developed by CHADD utilizing state of the art information from our national experts. In addition the entire course is taught from a parent's perspective. That's why we want you to consider being a teacher. We provide the information and the materials, you provide the lived experience.

2. Do I want other parents to know that they are not alone? The most challenging aspect of parenting a child with ADHD is feeling isolated and misunderstood. By offering this wonderful class to other families in your community, you will be significantly changing this experience for others. 

3. Am I able to make the time commitment necessary to teach one class a year?  The class is designed to be offered two hours a week over a seven-week period. In addition, you will need time to advertise the class, make local arrangements, and take registrations. This is a three-month commitment every year that you teach. To maintain your certification, you must teach one class (seven sessions) a year. Be sure you can make the time commitment to offering the class locally.

4. Am I comfortable with public speaking, training, or teaching? If you have had the experience of teaching or training before, your skills will be invaluable. If public speaking and standing up in front of strangers makes you very uncomfortable, then this may not be the best way for you to promote ADHD knowledge in your community. The Teacher Certification Training will include an opportunity for you to present a section of the curriculum to your fellow students. 

5. Do I have easy access to a computer with PowerPoint software, an overhead projector or a DVD and television? The Parent to Parent curriculum consists of 350 PowerPoint slides. It is helpful but not necessary to have access to PowerPoint to review the information before teaching. Upon certification, each new teacher will receive a CD with the PowerPoint slides for each of the seven sessions. To show them for the class there are several options. A teacher may use a laptop computer and a LCD projector. You can also print out all the slides as overheads and show them on an overhead projector. A third option is to show the slides using a DVD and a television. CHADD has a DVD version of all the slides that we can share with you.

6. Am I willing to teach the class as a volunteer? Teaching Parent to Parent as a volunteer generates very little revenue. Revenue that is not needed for expenses goes to the local chapter. The chapter may choose to pay you a small honorarium, but this is a local decision. If you are a professional or would like to turn the program into a business opportunity, please consider enrolling in our P2P Licensed Partner. If you are willing to volunteer and have a passion for helping others understand ADHD then this is a good fit.

7. I am a coach, educator or health care professional. Can I become a teacher? If you do not have ADHD in your immediate family or are not a person with high knowledge on ADHD, we ask that you teach the class with someone who does have this lived experience. The richness of Parent to Parent is the combination of very good information coupled with this lived experience. If you are willing to share the teaching with someone who has ADHD in the family, then we would love to have you as a teacher. If you are a professional with ADHD in the family, you can then lend both perspectives to the classes.

8. Am I active with my local chapter or CHADD support group? If there is a CHADD support group or chapter in your area, any Parent to Parent classes will be offered under the sponsorship of the local CHADD affiliate. If you have not been involved with the chapter, we urge you to contact the local coordinator early on and let him or her know of you interest in becoming a Parent to Parent teacher. Go to the ChapterLocator to find out if there is a local group in your area.

9. There is not CHADD group in my area. Can I start one? We do not advise you to become a Parent to Parent teacher at the same time you start a CHADD support group. Both initiatives take a lot of time and commitment. Start with one or the other, rather than trying to do both at the same time. We will be glad to work with you to either become a Parent to Parent Certified Teacher or to start a local CHADD support group. If you would rather start a support group, go to CHADD Volunteers to find out more.

10. Is the training available for international applicants? Because much of the information in the Parent to Parent curriculum is based upon U.S. law, practice, and culture, the Parent to Parent classes are not normally offered outside the United States. Programs are offered in Barbados and Mexico.  If you are interested in becoming a certified teacher and doing Parent to Parent training in another country, please contact CHADD's Training Manager. Those interested in taking Parent to Parent classes (not the teacher certification training) can always join one of our online classes. New classes start every month. 

11. Do I want to participate in an incredibly satisfying and worthwhile project to promote understanding of ADHD in my local community? The hundreds of families that have taken the class rave about its impact on their lives. The knowledge you will gain about ADHD and the satisfaction of having made a difference is colossal. Become a Parent to Parent Teacher and find out.