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Session ONE: Overview of ADHD

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Session ONE: Overview of ADHD

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A Mother's Struggle to Get Past Denial
 and Help Her Son
Attention, April, 2004 Martha Randolph Carr
Dealing with the Impact of ADHD
on Marriage
Attention, April, 2003 Michael T. Bell
Divorce in an ADHD Family Attention, April, 2003 Michael Heicklen
Inattentive ADHD: Overlooked
 and Undertreated
  (Word fromat)
Attention, August, 2003 Mary V. Solanto
Symptoms vs. Impairment:
The Role of Impairment in Diagnosing ADHD
Attention, June, 2003 Sam Goldstein
Anxiety Disorders and ADHD Attention, Dec, 2001 Glenn Hirsch
Diagnosing and Treating Complex Disorders
 in Childhood:
 A Case Study of ADHD in Bipolar Disorder
Attention, April, 2005 Marilyn Benoit
ADHD and Depression: Learning from
Case Studies
Attention, December, 2004 Joel L. Young
Oppositional Defiant Disorder Attention, August, 2000 Ross Greene
Should You Tell Your Kids They Have ADHD?
  (Word fromat)
Grandma's Pet Wildebeest
 Ate My ADHD Newsletter
Tom Quinn


For more information reference CHADD's National Resource Center on ADHD