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P2P Volunteer Teachers

A Parent to Parent Teacher is a CHADD volunteer, who has lived with ADHD in the family, and has successfully completed our 2.5 day certification training.  P2P Certified Teachers have made a commitment to teach Parent to Parent classes in their local community or through our online webinar classes.

Requirements for Becoming P2P Certified Volunteer Teacher

- Be an active CHADD member
- Have a family member with ADHD, have ADHD yourself or be willing to teach with someone who has ADHD
- Have participated in the Parent to Parent: Family Training on ADHD
- Participate in the 2.5 day Teacher Certification Training Class
- Agree to teach at least one course a year in your local community
- Collaborate with the local CHADD chapter (if available)

Frequently Asked Questions about becoming a Certified P2P Volunteer Teacher?

At the end of the training, you will have all the tools needed to teach this class locally, including a well-developed curriculum with over 350 PowerPoint slides, a teacher's manual with extensive notes on each presentation, and a participant's manual full of resource information and useful tools. In addition, each teacher receives a CD with all session presentations. Certified teachers are also listed on CHADD's web page and receive documentation of certification. 

What is the cost of the certification class?

The fee for the Teacher Certification Class is $250. If you are not a CHADD member, you must join first, before registering for the class. Late registrations and cancellations are subject to fees. Please let us know if you already have or require an organizational membership. In addition, participants need to budget for travel and hotel expenses. Note: Your local CHADD chapter may be able to help with these expenses. 

Questions? Contact Parent2Parent@CHADD.ORG or call (301) 306-7070.