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Speaker Detail

Wurf, Abigail M.ED., PCC

Abigail Wurf, M.Ed, CLC, works with adults, couples and parents affected by ADHD or with executive function issues in a coaching or consulting capacities. She conducts workshops and seminars on executive function issues including organizing, planning, goal setting, prioritizing, time management, task initiation, focus, self inhibition, emotional regulation, metacognition and flexibility. Abigail's work also includes speaking presentations on ADHD, specific executive functions or theories of executive functions, invisible disabilities, resiliency and motivation. She her training in life, ADHD, ADHD couple and creativity coaching has been with Lynn Meinke, Lisa Kramer, Dr. Jeanne Erikson, Tina Elliot, Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, Russell Colver, Melissa Orlov, Dr. Ned Hallowell, Sue Hallowell and Eric Maisel. In her first profession as a dancer, choreographer and teacher, she toured with a professional dance company and co-founded and ran a performing arts studio. Abigail holds a Master’s degree in Education and is currently on the ICF PCC credential path. She is Volunteer Engagement Chair on the board of the ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO), as well as a member of CHADD, ADDA and the ICF. For more information about Abigail Wurf and Abigail Wurf Coaching programs go to