Confirmed Speakers and Biographies

Pre-Conference Speakers

    Abikoff, Howard
  • TB03/ Assessing & Treating Organization,Time Mgmt, & Planning Deficits in Children w/ADHD
    Adesman, Andrew
  • TA06/ Getting with the Guidelines: Managing Pediatric ADHD in Your Practice
    Dendy, Chris A. Z.
  • TA08/ Strategies to Address ADHD Learning Challenges & Deficits in Executive Functions
    Kulman, Randy I.
  • TB07/ Should Children with ADHD Play Minecraft? The Pros & Cons of Technology Use for Children...
    Orlov, Melissa
  • TA07/ ADHD and Relationships: Helping Couples Address and Repair Emotional Hot Spots
    Passarotti, Alessandra
  • TB05/ Cognitive & Brain Mechanisms of Executive Functions in ADHD:Implications for Clinical Practice
    Pavuluri, Mani
  • TA05/ Brain Differences lead to differential treatment in ADHD and Pediatric Bipolar Disorder
    Ramsay, Russell
  • TB04/ Adult ADHD as a Reward Deficiency Syndrome: Conceptualization and Treatment
    Solanto, Mary
  • TA04/ Cognitive Therapy for Adults with ADHD: Self Management and Self Organization
    Stein, Mark
  • TB02/ Dilemmas in Diagnosing and Treating ADHD in Parents and Families
    Wright, Sarah D.
  • TB08/ ADHD Coaching Matters: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Evolution, Evidence...

2014 Annual Conference Speakers

    Arnold, L. Eugene
  • FB05/The Illusion of ADHD: How do We Know What it Really Is? Science, Perception and the Media
    Aull, Edward B.
  • SC09/ A Parents guide to the medical treatment of ADHD with Autism or Asperger's Syndrome
    Brown, Stephen
  • FB10/ ADHD & It's Links to Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice: What every Parent Should Know
    Brown, Thomas E.
  • PLEN02 / Cultivating Motivation and Realistic Hope Amid Challenges of ADHD
    Dempster, Diane
  • SC07/ Armed & Ready to Parent ADHD: What To Do When You Leave This Conference
    Dendy, Chris A. Z.
  • PLEN01 / Opening Keynote: A 40 Year Retrospective on Family Life with ADHD: Lessons Learned the ...
    Gent, Shari L.
  • SA04/ADHD Plus: Classroom Strategies for Resilience When Students Have Co-Existing Mental...
    Giwerc, David
  • FA03/Breakthrough Adult ADHD Coaching Research: Identifying & Integrating What's Best in Adults...
    Harris, Zara
  • SB05/I Hate Writing! But, I Can't Type Either!: Addressing the comorbidity of ADHD and...
    La Marca, Jeffry
  • SA06/Attention Deficits & Reading Achievement: Efficacy of Neurofeedback as an Intervention...
    Lahey, Benjamin B.
  • SA01/Research Symposium II: Developmental Course of ADHD: Preschool through Adulthood
    Littman, Ellen B.
  • FB07/Girls with ADHD: What the Research Reveals About Their Inner Lives and What It Means...
    Maitland, Theresa E.
  • FC09/ An Analysis of the Enrollment Patterns and Graduation Rates of College Students with ADHD/LD
    Mason, Oren
  • SB09/ADHD and Anxiety: Common, Complex, Comorbid Companions
    Matlen, Terry
  • SA02/Distracted and Disorganized: Sure-Fire Strategies to Empower Women with ADHD
    Matlen, Terry
  • SB07/Stop the Chaos! Tips for Creating a Peaceful Household When Both Parents and Children have ADHD
    Mitchell, John
  • FA01/Research Symposium I: Mindfulness and Marijuana: Controversies Related to ADHD
    Olivardia, Roberto
  • SB01/ADHD, Eating and Mindfulness: Practical Solutions for Promoting Weight Regulation and a...
    Patterson, Janette
  • FA05/ADHD and the Extended Family: Exploring the Impact of ADHD on the Extended Family...
    Perkins, Mike
  • SC04/Strategies for Strengthening Executive Functions: Improving self-awareness, increasing...
    Ramsay, Russell
  • FC02/The Invisible Fences of Adult ADHD: How negative thinking affects coping with ADHD
    Richey, Mary A.
  • SC08/ Teenage Girls with ADHD: Proactive Steps to Turn Turmoil into Smoother Sailing
    Shannahan, Kelli
  • FA04/Low Grades & Difficulty with Homework? Signs That Your Child with ADHD May Have a Learning...
    Sharb, Andrea
  • SC03/ Collaboration:Creating the Best Team to Support Your Adult ADHD Self
    Stein, Mark
  • FB06/Treating ADHD In Parents of Children with ADHD
    Tivers, Eric
  • SA03/Productivity 2.0.Getting Things Done with ADHD. Strategies, Apps & other tools...
    Weinberg, Harvey
  • FB04/Understanding and Managing Difficult Behavior in the Classroom: A Different Perspective
    Zitani, Autumn
  • PLEN03 / Closing Plenary: Me Want it: But Me Wait: Self Regulation