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Comparing Parental Expectations of Household Chore Participation between ADHD Children and their Non-ADHD Counterparts and Siblings


Andrew Adesman, MD and Derek Soled, BA

Overview: Our study, “Comparing Parental Expectations of Household Chore Participation between ADHD Children and their Non-ADHD Counterparts and Siblings”, investigates parental expectations and professional recommendations regarding household chore participation for children with ADHD. To date, there are no comprehensive studies surrounding this topic despite the fact that most American families have chore expectations. The only study focused on this subject compared household chores between 22 families with ADHD children and 23 families with non-ADHD children (Dunn, 2009).

Purpose: Our study has 3 objectives: (i) to determine whether parental expectations differ between ADHD children compared to their non-ADHD peers in performing household chores, (ii) to assess the extent to which parents report that children with ADHD are able to actually complete common household chores, and (iii) to examine the assumptions, beliefs, and recommendations of professionals that work with children with ADHD youth regarding household chore participation.

Methodology: This study involves completion of a brief, anonymous on-line questionnaire. The survey is designed for completion by parents of children with ADHD and/or professionals who work with families that include a child with ADHD. Although there are no age restrictions in terms of inclusion criteria, parents with more than one child with ADHD will be encouraged to complete the questionnaire with respect to certain clinical criteria – such as age closest to 10 years old, ADHD-Combined Type (Inattentive Type), male, etc. The survey asks about demographics of the respondent’s family, parental expectations and child completion of household chores, and the participant’s own childhood experience with respect to chores.

Professionals who work with children with ADHD are asked if they counsel families about chores as well as what they think is the impact of ADHD on a child’s ability to do chores and how families should deal with a child with ADHD regarding meeting household responsibilities. This protocol has been reviewed by the Northwell Health’s IRB and deemed IRB exempt (Category 2) since it is a voluntary and anonymous online survey in which no personal health information or identifying information is collected. The questionnaire may be viewed at

Funding Type & Source: No extramural funding. This project is supported exclusively by internal Divisional funds dedicated for academic endeavors, including research.

End Date for Data Collection: July 1, 2017

Contact Info:

Andrew Adesman, MD,
Professor of Pediatrics, Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine; 516 802-6100