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Research Studies

BrainscansEvidence-based research is at the heart of CHADD's mission to improve the lives of children and adults with ADHD.

CHADD continually calls upon the public and private sectors to devote increased resources to basic research into the causes of and treatments for ADHD.  In particular, CHADD has called for:

  1. Funding for research on the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of ADHD across the lifespan, including the safety and effectiveness of medication (especially for children), other therapies, and educational, psychosocial, and alternative interventions.
  2. Funding for research on the prevention and early identification, intervention, and treatment of ADHD.
  3. Funding for research on the long-term impact of ADHD and coexisting disorders on psychosocial, behavioral, educational, employment, and health outcomes, including the long-term impact of treatment options.
  4. Ensuring that all research efforts involve diverse populations, as appropriate, with respect to gender, race/culture, and age.
  5. Balancing and broadening the national research agenda to include biomedical, clinical, behavioral, health-service, and school-based and community-based prevention and intervention research.

CHADD's Young Scientist Research Awards Program