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Coach - Coaching Services

Professional Coaching
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Washington, 20036

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Coach - Coaching Services

Ask Yourself…
• Do you have trouble starting tasks? Do you have trouble finishing tasks?
• Are you often late for appointments?
• Do you have problems prioritizing?
• Is it difficult for you to carry out plans?
• Do you constantly feel disorganized?
• Are you having trouble moving forward in your career or business?
• Do you feel frustrated because it seems as if the same things keep getting in your way?

If all this sounds all too familiar, I can help you. My specialty is working with intelligent people who are struggling to achieve success. I believe everyone has success within them but some of us, like those affected by ADHD, are struggling more than they have to. With some support from a coach they can attain their goals.

If you feel that you find it difficult to fit in and get things done, whether it’s at school, home, or out in the world, ADHD coaching may be able to help you.
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4201 Cathedral Ave. N.W. 801E
Washington, DC 20016
United States

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