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Judith Champion

  • Profession: Coach
  • Organizational Type: Coaching Services

Accepted Payment Methods

  • Paypal : YES
  • American Express : YES
  • Cash : NO
  • Check : YES
  • Discover : YES
  • MasterCard : YES
  • Visa : YES

Additional Information :

  • Gender : Female
  • Category of Service : Coaching
  • Description of Services : I am a Family Life Coach specializing in ADHD. I work with parents and children in a coordinated manner to coach and educate, using positive energy. Strengths and challenges are first identified. Coaching is centered on best practice parenting techniques, improvement of damaged family relationships, increased responsibility, homework techniques, and any other challenge the family or child is experiencing. Each family is different, as is each member of the family. The coaching agenda is focused for each difference and each member of the family. I coach children from preschool through college, and adults as well. This is my passion. I have a son and grandson with ADHD and am intimately experienced with the challenges the condition can create. I use Skype and work with families all over the country. Please contact me and I will provide you with a complimentary session so we can get to know each other and determine if my support will be of value to you and your children.
  • Years of Experience : 15
  • Licenses and Accreditations : MSW, ACG, P2P
  • Children : YES
  • Adolescents : YES
  • Adults : YES
  • Parents of Children w/ADHD : YES
  • Senior Citizens : YES
  • Accept Health Insurance : NO
  • Do you have a sliding scale for payment? : YES
  • Provide Remote Support? : YES