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Start a Group

Thank you for your interest in becoming a CHADD support group. Provided below are the steps that you will need to embark upon in order to become an officially recognized CHADD chapter, satellite or branch.

Step 1: Getting Started:
The first step in becoming an official CHADD group is tell us that you are interested in volunteering for CHADD. In addition, please download, save and print the check list for future reference.

Step 2: View our comprehensive online orientation:
Please allow at least 20 minutes of time in order to participate in our online orientation.

Step 3: Complete the forms and send them to CHADD National
After reviewing the orientation, please complete all of the forms and submit them to CHADD.

Step 4: Review and take advantage of the resources
Review the resources that we have provided for you to get started.

Step 5: Share your progress with us-send your sign in sheets.
Share your progress with us by sending in your sign-in sheets.

Step 6: I am ready to be official!
You have completed all of the requirements - you are ready to be an official CHADD satellite. Contact CHADD by calling 800-233-4050 and choosing 'Membership' or send us an e-mail