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Virtual Support Group Facilitator Job Description

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Virtual CHADD Support Group Facilitator Job Description

Are you a highly qualified facilitator, ADHD subject matter expert with a passion for helping people by providing information and support? We are seeking online facilitators for our online support groups. CHADD’s virtual chapter with online support groups is a new program for members of the public who want additional ADHD support. CHADD’s goal is to provide a virtual support group environment by using the latest technology available. At the same time CHADD will provide a welcoming environment where people feel that they can learn from and support each other. This is a new endeavor and we will be making adjustments to the model based on facilitator, CHADD staff, and support group attendee feedback. CHADD staff will work in collaboration with facilitators in order to effectively manage and promote meetings to support group members.


To be successful as a facilitator, you must meet the following:
•    Ability to work well independently and with CHADD staff to plan for and implement the meetings.
•    Good online facilitation skills.
•    Must own your own computer and be PC literate and have the ability to troubleshoot PC related issues with little guidance.
•    Must have High Speed Internet.
•    Must have headset with microphone that can be used on a PC.


•    Plan for topics of discussion for 12 months and share them with the national staff contact.
•    Host an online support group meeting once per month.  This meeting will be one hour and 30 minutes in length with approximately 10 regular attendees.  
•    Ask support group members to introduce themselves/provide them with the opportunity to speak for 5 minutes about any updates.
•    Conduct a 5-15 minute presentation about topic of discussion for one meeting per month and prepare ways to inspire discussion about the topic and encourage interaction, and celebrate successes amongst the group.  
•    Using the technology provided, on occasion, conduct polls, arrange for a speaker or a panel discussion.
•    Respond to email inquiries about the group or if necessary forward to CHADD national staff contact for a response.
•    Market CHADD membership and other programs regularly.
•    Work closely with CHADD staff moderator and co-facilitator.  
•    After the meeting, a survey will be sent to participants. Analyze the feedback with CHADD staff and make necessary adjustments in order to improve meetings.


If you are interested in volunteering your time, please go to become a virtual support group facilitator and complete the steps provided.