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Setting Your CHADD Exchange Name

Welcome to CHADD Communities!

CHADD Communities is a dynamic forum for discussions and document sharing about the many topics concerning ADHD.

Before you begin using the communities we want to give you the opportunity to participate fully while protecting your privacy. You will not appear in communities at all until you agree to participate. While it is good to use your real name and to disclose some personal information, we realize that not everyone will be comfortable doing so. Below is how your name will appear in CHADD Communities unless you choose a nickname to use instead. To choose a nickname, simply replace your name below with your desired nickname. This only affects CHADD Communities. Your membership name for any transactions with CHADD will remain unchanged.

Your nickname will appear on your private CHADD member profile along with your member name. You can change your nickname at any time on your profile page.

It is important to note that if you change your nickname in the future all posts you’ve previously made in CHADD Communities will be associated with the new nickname and not the old nickname under which they were posted.

Your name as it will appear in CHADD Communities:

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