Ask the Expert Online Chats



Ask the Expert Online Chats

CHADD's National Resource Center on ADHD hosts monthly online webinar chats with leading experts in the field of ADHD. These webinars are free and anyone can participate. Chat participants can submit questions to be answered by the expert. See our chat schedule for information on additional upcoming chats.

Coming Webcasts:


When: May 21, 2014 3-4 PM

Who: Heather Hebdon,
Specialized Training of Military Parents

What: ADHD & Military Families: Resources for Service Members

When: May 28, 2014 3-4 PM

Who:Regina Bussing, MD

What: ADHD + One: The relationship among ADHD and childhood anxiety and depression

Motivation and Life Goals with ADHD:

An Ask the Expert Special Webinar Event

In March, the National Resource Center on ADHD explored in-depth  how ADHD affects emotions, motivation, and major life activities during a two-part webcast event. For a limited time, you can view these recorded webcasts.

Part 1:

Dr. Thomas E. Brown

Emotions and Motivation in ADHD

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Part 2:

Dr. Russell J. Barkley

How ADHD Impacts Major Life Activities

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