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An Intro to ADHD

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Welcome to CHADD

As a new member we want to help you jump right in and learn all you can about ADHD. “An Introduction to ADHD” is a webinar that you can view on CHADD’s website and watch at your leisure. The presenter is CHADD’s CEO Ruth Hughes. She is a clinical psychologist and the mother of a son (now a young adult) with ADHD and learning disabilities. The webinar is approximately
1-1/2 hours long and is based upon our highly effective “Parent to Parent” program with lots of information for adults with ADHD as well. This presentation will help to answer many of your basic questions:

  • What is ADHD?
  • What causes this disorder?
  • Who can diagnosis it and how is ADHD diagnosed?
  • What should I expect from treatment? Is it effective?
  • How is ADHD different in adults, teens, and children?
  • What about medication?
  • How do I find out more?

Before starting the webinar you will want to print out the handouts.

Download “An Introduction to ADHD,” (a 91MB .zip download)
suitable for playing on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or playing with Quicktime, iTunes, or VLC.


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