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ADHD and Money

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Managing finances is a unique challenge for an individual with ADHD. The major features of procrastination, disorganization, and impulsivity can wreak havoc on finances. Provided below are some articles an MP3 recording that offers tips and resources for money management.

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Money Management

Top 5 viewed articles on Money Management
How Can You Teach Kids with ADHD to Manage Money
Summary: No Abstract.
Can you Manage Money When You Have ADHD?
Summary: No Abstract.
Practical Tips on Money Management and Financial Planning in a Troubled Economy
Summary: In response to our recent survey, readers requested ADHD-friendly information to help them navigate the current economy.
Whoa, Whoa, Whoa...Holiday Overspending
Summary: Holiday overspending can be an acute issue for some adults with ADHD. This article offers strategies for overcoming the common pitfalls of the shopping process.
25 Money-Saving Tips for Life with ADHD
Summary: How can you get the most bang for your limited bucks?
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