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ADHD and money
ADHD and Money

Managing finances is a unique challenge for an individual with ADHD. The major features of procrastination, disorganization, and impulsivity can wreak havoc on finances. This section includes an MP3 and articles that offer tips and resources for money management.
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ADHD at work
ADHD at Work

Individuals with ADHD may face particular challenges in the work environment. These challenges can occur in several key areas that are common to most work situations. These include: time management, attention and concentration, as well as memory, organizational skills, problem solving,and environmental distractions.
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support group
Finding Support

Confused, isolated, overwhelmed, frustrated, scared, sad, angry, hopeful, disappointed, proud, supportive, resilient, guilty, disorganized, stressed. Those are some of the emotional ups and downs that parents often struggle with. When you are isolated and don't know where to start the best thing that you can do for yourself and others is to be part of the CHADD community.
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ADHD and Relationships

Good relationships take a lot of work, whether they are with a spouse, a significant other, a child, or a friend. When one of the people involved has ADHD, there can be additional challenges. Impulsiveness and forgetfulness can be major hindrances to building trusting relationships. And if you are like most people with ADHD, you have received many negative messages about your behavior, and your sense of self-worth may have been adversely affected.

If you are the non-ADHD partner in a relationship, it is challenging to define your expectations and roles in a manner that is supportive but not disabling for your partner who has ADHD. Many people have been down this path and learned valuable lessons on coping with ADHD within a relationship.
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