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Individual Membership
Whether you have been recently diagnosed with ADHD, have lived with a diagnosis for many years, or even if you are undiagnosed, but experience ADHD-related symptoms, you'll find the tools you need to help you better understand ADHD, treatment options, and connect with others just like you. Read more.

Family Membership
The CHADD Family membership is great for parents, grandparents or caregivers of children or young adults with ADHD. Get unlimited access to CHADD membership benefits for up to 3 family members within the same household.

Educator Membership
CHADD's Educator membership is the right fit for teachers and others who work with students in public, private, charter, and college-level schols. Teachers turn to CHADD for proven classroom management strategies, teacher training, how to identify ADHD symptoms, how to work with parents, and learn about the resources available in your state. Read more.

Professional Membership
As ADHD diagnosis increases, the need for professions who treat and support those with ADHD also increases. An ADHD service provider/professional membership with CHADD is ideal for healthcare and mental health professionals, camps, schools, etc. that serve the ADHD community. Build relationships with industry leaders, enhance your knowledge of ADHD, and become respected in the ADHD community as one who cares about improving the lives of people living with ADHD.

All professional member are featured on CHADD's Resource Directory and receive discounted pricing on advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Read more.

Student Membership
For individuals under 35, a Young Adult membership helps open a whole new world of ADHD understanding! Get access to all member benefits, connect with others locally or online, and take advantage of resources to help you better manage your ADHD symptoms. Read more.

Organizational Membership - $354

Designed for schools, hospitals, education and counseling centers, healthcare agencies and clinics, your Organizational membership brings you all the benefits of professional membership plus extra Attention magazines and up to 6 people within your organization will receive member benefit discounts and extra Attention magazines.  To join as an organization or receive more information please call (301) 306-7070 and speak to someone in the membership department or email and we will be happy to assist you.

Matt Cohen CHADD Membership Scholarship

The Matt Cohen Membership Scholarship Fund allows families or individuals experiencing financial difficulty to join CHADD by awarding full membership scholarships.

Financial difficulties caused by illness, unemployment or unexpected crisis shouldn’t hinder those from receiving the ADHD information and support they need. Scholarships are made possible by others who want to help those in need.

Named in honor of former CHADD President, Matt Cohen, a one-year individual membership is awarded once a scholarship application has been approved.

Selections for the scholarships are awarded three times a year: April, August, and December. Applications for each selection are limited to the following dates:

  • April selection: March 1 - March 31
  • August selection: July 1 - July 31
  • December selection: November 1 - November 30