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15 million people in the United States live with and manage ADHD every day. CHADD is the premiere nonprofit where those with ADHD and others who care about them -- can get unbiased fact-based information about ADHD. Membership in CHADD demonstrates your support of the ADHD community. Join or renew your membership today. 

Your CHADD membership offers you the opportunity to:

  • Meet and learn from local families experiencing similar ADHD challenges
  • Stay up-to-date on science-based ADHD treatment, interventions strategies and trends
  • Connect with professionals and specialists who treat ADHD
  • Gain knowledge and proven strategies with CHADD training programs
  • Receive subscriptions to CHADD publications: Attention magazine, ADHD In The News, Attention weekly
  • Discounted pricing on CHADD events and trainings
  • Receive discounts on prescriptions with the CHADD Discount Advantage Program

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