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ATE Dolin

Categories: 2012, April

ADHD and Homework Struggles, Ask the Expert with Ann Dolin ...Read More

One or More Houses

Categories: 2012, February

One or More Houses, No Executive Functions: ADHD and the Modern Family by Judith M. Glasser, PhD ...Read More

What Should I Feed

Categories: 2012, June

What Should I Feed My Child with ADHD? by Marianne Glanzman, MD ...Read More

TOONS Working Memory

Categories: 2012, August

How to Help Your Working Memory: ADHD TOONS illustrated by Taylor Mickesh ...Read More

Parents in Pain

Categories: 2012, October

Parents in Pain: Relationship Issues for Parents of a Child with ADHD by Richard Lougy, LMFT, and David Rosenthal, MD ...Read More

Class-a Brat

Categories: 2012, October

My Brother is a Class-A Brat: Tips for Parenting Your Child who Doesn't HAve ADHD by Terry Dickson, MD, ACG, CPCC ...Read More

Young Scientist

Categories: 2012, October

2012 Young Scientist Research Fund Awards ...Read More

PL Best Answers

Categories: 2012, October

Seek the Best Answers, President's Letter by Barbara Hawkins ...Read More

Drug Abuse in Youth with ADHD

Categories: 2012, October

Drug Abuse in Youth with ADHD, Ask the Expert chat with Brooke Molina, PhD ...Read More


Categories: 2012, October

Channelling Your Inner MacGyver, interview with Mark Katz by Marie Paxson ...Read More

PP Zones of Regulation

Categories: 2012, October

Zones of Regulation: Promising Practices by Mark Katz, PhD ...Read More


Categories: 2012, October

Table of Contents ...Read More

Smoking References

Categories: 2012, October

References for article on Substance Use Disorders by David Teplin ...Read More

ADHD and Smoking

Categories: 2012, October

Where There's Smoke... There's ADHD: What the Science Says by Scott Kollins, PhD, MS ...Read More

ATE Bullying

Categories: 2012, June

Ask the Expert: Bullying, What Parents and Teachers of Children with ADHD Need to Know, a chat with Marlene Snyder, PhD ...Read More


Categories: 2012, February

Promising Practices: From Distress to DE-STRESS by Mark Katz ...Read More

Teplin References (Secure)

Categories: 2012, October

References for ADHD and SUDs by David Teplin ...Read More

Adult ADHD and Substance Use Disorders

Categories: 2012, October

Adult ADHD and Substance Use Disorders: What's the Deal? by David Teplin, PsyD ...Read More

Deciding On A Summer Camp For Your Child (Secure)

Categories: 1999, 1998, Spring

Attention! Spring 1998, Deciding On A Summer Camp For Your Child - and Making it Work by Stephen P. Hinshaw, Ph.D. ...Read More

Q&A An Interview With Sandra Rief (Secure)

Categories: 1999, 1996, Spring

Attention! Spring 1996, Q&A: An Interview With Sandra Rief ...Read More

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