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My Big Fat ADHD Holiday

Categories: 2012, December

Attention readers share tales of surviving celebrations gone awry THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF HOLLY JOLLY Stacey Turis There’s something about the holiday season and me that just doesn’t jive well together. I write "something" like it&r... ...Read More

Bullies in the Workplace

Categories: 2012, December

A Real Problem with Real Effects by Bryan Jaffe ABOUT 54 MILLION AMERICANS HAVE EXPERIENCED BULLYING AT THEIR WORKPLACE, according to data collected by the Workplace Bullying Institute and Psychology Today. This number represents more than one-thir... ...Read More

Power of the Group: Girls Helping Girls

Categories: 2012, December

by Patrice B.F. Garver, PhD PEER SUPPORT AMONG GIRLS WITH ADHD WITHIN A GROUP SETTING — irls face—can be an effective, therapeutic, and empowering experience. The power of group support and the group process allows each member to be herself, expre... ...Read More

The Secret Lives of Girls with ADHD (Secure)

Categories: 2012, Cover, December

by Ellen Littman, PhD

WITH ABUNDANT INFORMATION AVAILABLE ON ADHD, we may have a false sense that we know more about the experience of girls than we really do. At last, there is ever-increasing acknowledgement that the manifestations of ADHD differ by gender. And yet, we are only beginning to appreciate the far more crucial factor—that the impact of ADHD differs significantly by gender. In fact, much about the lives of girls with ADHD is secret in that their inner world has been virtually unknown to us. Although our ability to access windows into their experience is in its infancy, we can try to make sense of the glimpses we have. Read more.

...Read More

Summer 2010 NINDS Forum

Categories: Articles

Summer 2010 NINDS Forum Report ...Read More

Surviving the Holiday Season

Categories: Holidays

Paula Novash, Surviving the Holiday Season, December 2006 Attention ...Read More

From Hyper to Happy Holidays

Categories: Holidays

"From Hyper to Happy: Seasonal Tips for Anyone Affected by AD/HD" by Karen Sampson, December 2008 Attention ...Read More

Holiday Overspending

Categories: Holidays

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa... Curb That Holiday Overspending by Michael Romaniuk, PhD, and Cristen Marek Strategies to help adults with ADHD control that impulse to buy everything during the holidays ...Read More

Manage Holiday Stress

Categories: Holidays

Manage Holiday Stress by Anne Teeter Ellison originally from December 2001 Attention ...Read More

Cool Yule

Categories: Holidays

How to have a cool yule, from Attention December 2005, by Clare Jones ...Read More

New Year New Calendar

Categories: Holidays

December 2008 Attention New Year--New Calendar by Karen Sampson ...Read More

Your Holiday Home

Categories: Holidays

December 2007 For the Fridge by Karen Sampson, MA, "Your Holiday Home" ...Read More

2007 December References

Categories: References

December 2007 Attention References   DEPARTMENTS Promising Practices: "AD/HD Safe Driving Program," by Mark Katz, PhD Barkley, R.A., Edwards, G.H. & Robin, A.I. (1999). Defiant Teens: A Clinician’s Manual for Assessment and Family I... ...Read More

2008 April

Categories: References

References ...Read More

2008 February

Categories: References

February 2008 Attention References   FEATURES "Understanding the Link between Executive Functions and School Success," by Chris Zeigler Dendy Barkley, Russell A., Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, (third edition). New York: ... ...Read More

2008 June

Categories: References

June 2008 Attention References   DEPARTMENTS Promising Practices: "Responding to Literacy Needs: Lindamood-Bell's School Services and Professional Development Workshops" by Mark Katz, PhD Burke, C., Howard, L. & Evangelou, T. (200... ...Read More

2008 October

Categories: References

October 2008 Attention References   DEPARTMENTS Promising Practices: "Brainology: Using Lessons from Basic Neuroscience," by Mark Katz, PhD Blackwell, L.S., Trzesniewski, K.H., & Dweck, C.S. (2007). Implicit theories of intelligen... ...Read More

April 2007 References

Categories: References

April 2007 Attention References DEPARTMENTS Seeking Equal Insurance Coverage for Mental Health by Paul J. Seifert, JD, and Petrina Chong Hollingsworth National Institute of Mental Health, (2006 revision). The Numbers Count: Mental Diso... ...Read More

Attention References August 2007

Categories: References

August 2007 Attention References ...Read More

Attention References June 2007

Categories: References

References for articles in the June 2007 issue of Attention ...Read More

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