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The Secret Lives of Girls with ADHD
Author(s): Ellen Littman
Topic(s): Adolescents/Teenagers, Adults, Children, Diagnosis Symptoms, Gender, Girls, Girls Women, Inattentive Type, Injury, Peer Rejection, Peer Relationship, Suicide, Teenagers
Summary: With abundant information available on ADHD, we may have a false sense that we know more about the experience of girls and young women than we really do.
Issue: December 2012
Power of the Group: Girls Helping Girls
Author(s): Patrice B. F. Garver
Topic(s): Adolescents/Teenagers, Children, Friendships Relationships, Girls, Peer Relationship, Social Skills, Support Groups, Teenagers
Summary: Peer support among girls with ADHD within a group setting can be an effective, therapeutic, and empowering experience.
Issue: December 2012
Drug Abuse in Youth with ADHD: a chat with Brooke Molina, PhD
Author(s): Brooke S.g. Molina, Sarah Ward
Topic(s): Abuse, ADHD Experts, Adolescents/Teenagers, Alcohol, Ask the Expert, Behavioral Interventions, Coexisting Conditions in Children, Drugs, Friendships Relationships, Medication, Parenting, Peer Relationship, Risk Factors, Stimulants, Substance Use, Teenagers, Treatment of ADHD
Summary: Brooke Molina, PhD answers questions based on what peer reviewed published research has found. Including:
Issue: October 2012
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