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MIndPlay Virtual Reading Coach Member Access Required
Author(s): Mark Katz
Topic(s): Adults, Assistive Devices, Children, Coaching, Computer Programs, Computer Programs/Training, Promising Practices, Reading Skills
Summary: No abstract.
Issue: April 2016
Making Decisions Member Access Required
Author(s): Ari Tuckman
Topic(s): ADHD Experts, Adults, Anger / Aggression, Ask the Expert, Organizational Skills, Workplace Issues
Summary: No abstract.
Issue: April 2016
Update: Bicycle Accidents, Tics, and Lead Exposure Member Access Required
Author(s): Meghan Miller
Topic(s): ADHD Research, Injury, Lead Exposure, Medication, Research Briefs, Risk Factors, Tourettes Syndrome Tics, Treatment of ADHD
Summary: No abstract.
Issue: April 2016
Your Family is a Masterpiece ... Here's Why Member Access Required
Author(s): Dan Griffin, PhD
Topic(s): Family Relationships, Parenting, Treatment of ADHD
Summary: When behavioral approaches and medication don't seem to be enough, a family-systems approach can be the most effective way to help with ADHD-related problems.
Issue: April 2016
Behavior Change: Back to Basics Member Access Required
Author(s): Joyce Cooper-Kahn
Topic(s): Behavior Modification, Behavior Problems, Behavioral Interventions, Treatment of ADHD
Summary: While most kids with ADHD do respond to the basic principles of behavior management, they may need more repetition and active management for a longer period of time.
Issue: April 2016
The (Un)Surprising Emotional Nature of ADHD Member Access Required
Author(s): Erica D. Musser, PhD
Topic(s): Behavioral Interventions, Children, Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Regulation, Emotions
Summary: It's not simply a disorder of behavior and cognition, but also emotion.
Issue: April 2016
Understanding Compassion Fatigue Member Access Required
Author(s): Mark Katz
Topic(s): Caregivers, Emotions, Living with ADHD, Parenting, Stress, Stress Management
Summary: What factors put parents or caregivers at risk for emotional or physical exhaustion? Why are self-care plans so critical?
Issue: April 2016
The Teacher Card on ADHD
Author(s): Elaine Taylor-Klaus, Sharon Bell
Topic(s): Classroom Management, Communication, Homework, Teachers, Teaching Strategies
Summary: CHADD's simple, evidence-based resource was created to support educators and enable families to partner with schools.
Issue: April 2016
What Everyone Should Know About ADHD Member Access Required
Author(s): Katherine Ellison, Stephen P. Hinshaw
Topic(s): ADHD Awareness, ADHD Myths, Attitudes Beliefs Practices
Summary: When you need to dispel myths and set the record straight, there questions and answers can help.
Issue: April 2016
Another Kind of "MEDS" Member Access Required
Author(s): Brett Thornhill
Topic(s): Adults, Behavioral Interventions, Children, Complementary Alternative Interventions, Diet, Exercise Sports Recreation, Mindfulness, Sleep, Treatment of ADHD
Summary: Lifestyle changes can greatly enhance the effectiveness of an overall ADHD treatment strategy.
Issue: April 2016
Support for Partners Member Access Required
Author(s): Suda Lih
Topic(s): Adults, Living with ADHD, Local Connections, Marriage Partnerships, Support Groups
Summary: No abstract
Issue: April 2016
Graduation Member Access Required
Author(s): Mark Wilson
Topic(s): Diagnosis Symptoms, Lived Experience, Parenting, Personal Stories
Summary: No abstract.
Issue: April 2016
Favorite Fidget Toys Member Access Required
Topic(s): Assistive Devices, Fidgeting, Personal Stories, toys
Summary: No abstract.
Issue: April 2016
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