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Busting Boredom, Anxiety, and Side Effects
Author(s): Ari Tuckman
Topic(s): ADHD Experts, Adults, Anxiety Disorders, Boredom, Living with ADHD, Medication, Side Effects, Treatment Monitoring, Treatment of ADHD
Summary: No Abstract
Issue: August 2016
Understanding and Supporting Girls with ADHD
Author(s): Robyn Maggio
Topic(s): ADHD Experts, Girls, Parenting
Summary: No Abstract
Issue: August 2016
Preschoolers, Risk Factors, and School-Based Treatments Member Access Required
Author(s): Meghan Miller
Topic(s): Adolescents/Teenagers, Behavioral Interventions, Children, Older Adults, Risk Factors, School-based Programs
Summary: No Abstract
Issue: August 2016
What Does the Future Hold for our Children with ADHD? Member Access Required
Author(s): Chris Zeigler
Topic(s): Life Changes/Transitions, Living with ADHD, Parenting, Personal Stories
Summary: A veteran educator summarizes the lessons she learned over forty years.
Issue: August 2016
Maybe my Student has ADHD.. what's a Teacher to Do?
Author(s): Katherine McGavern
Topic(s): Communication, Teachers
Summary: Help students to start getting the support they need to be better learners in the classroom.
Issue: August 2016
Common Core Standards Revisited Universal Design for Learning
Author(s): Shari Gent
Topic(s): Academic Issues, Children, School-based Programs, Teaching Strategies, Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
Summary: A Framework for differentiating curriculum. UDL has the potential to create access to the most challenging curricula for the most challenged student.
Issue: August 2016
Environmental Supports in General Education Classrooms
Author(s): Christopher Doyle
Topic(s): Academic Issues, Accommodations, Children, Classroom Accommodations, Classroom Interventions, Educational Issues, organizing space
Summary: Whether accommodations benefit all students or target the individual learner, the most important place to start is with developing relationships.
Issue: August 2016
Young ADDulthood: Preparing Late Teens for the Road Ahead
Author(s): Wes Crenshaw
Topic(s): Adolescents/Teenagers, Adults, Life Changes/Transitions
Summary: High school students with ADHD typically fall into one of three categories: overly optimistic, terrified, or lost.
Issue: August 2016
ADHD as a Dimensional Disorder
Author(s): E. Mark Mahone
Topic(s): Brain Development, Comorbid/Co-occurring Conditions, Diagnosis Symptoms, Diagnostic Criteria
Summary: Modern conceptualizations of neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD are moving toward recognizing the condition as a spectrum disorder
Issue: August 2016
When ADHD is Not Alone
Author(s): Roberto Olivardia
Topic(s): Comorbid/Co-occurring Conditions, Diagnosis Symptoms
Summary: Why is it so important that clinicians assess for co-occurring disorders?
Issue: August 2016
Coexisting ADHD, Autism, and Anxiety
Author(s): Dan Shapiro
Topic(s): Anxiety Disorders, Autism, Behavioral Interventions, Comorbid/Co-occurring Conditions, Medication, Treatment of ADHD
Summary: When these disorders coexist, treatment is about finding the sweet spot between not enough inhibition and too much.
Issue: August 2016
BOKS Gets Kids Moving
Author(s): Mark Katz
Topic(s): Children, Exercise Sports Recreation, School-based Programs
Summary: No Abstract
Issue: August 2016
How I Write With ADHD Member Access Required
Author(s): Peter Shankman
Topic(s): Living with ADHD, Personal Stories
Summary: No Abstract
Issue: August 2016
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