Reorganizing and Renewing (Secure)

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 PRESIDENT'S  LETTER I LOVE FEBRUARY. I’ve had my new gardening seed catalogs for a month, placed lots of orders, and started some seedlings. Last winter it was so mild that the ground never froze, and I was turning sod into new ... ...Read More

Is There an App for That? (Secure)

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Social Skills for Young Adults with ADHD  ASK THE  EXPERT a chat with Michele Novotni, PhD “I ENJOY HELPING FOLKS WHO COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES UNLOCK THEIR POTENTIAL,” says Michele Novotni, PhD. “I have been surrounded ... ...Read More

Effects of Childhood ADHD on Adult Employment

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 RESEARCH    BRIEFS Soleil Gregg, MA, interviews Jason Fletcher, PhD HOW DOES HAVING ADHD IN CHILDHOOD AFFECT INDIVIDUALS IN ADULTHOOD? More information about the long-term effects of ADHD is becoming available as those diagnosed as c... ...Read More

LETS Erase the Stigma

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 PROMISING  PRACTICES by Mark Katz, PhD WHILE A NUMBER OF PROGRAMS HAVE BEEN SHOWN TO IMPROVE THE LIVES OF PEOPLE WHO STRUGGLE WITH ADHD, many simply refuse to accept the help. Accepting help only draws more attention to their challenge... ...Read More

Teacher Wish List (Secure)

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L I V E D     E X P E R I E N C E by Jeanne Kraus STRONG HOME-SCHOOL CONNECTIONS ARE VITAL for our kids’ educational needs. What steps can parents take to be supportive members of the team? I interviewed a number of teachers at my... ...Read More

Spanish P2P Teacher Certification Training Held (Secure)

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 MAKING A DIFFERENCE by Isabel O’Daly CHADD HELD AN HISTORIC SPANISH PARENT TO PARENT teacher certification training in San Jose, California, in late September of 2012. With the help of Parents Helping Parents and Matrix Parent Netwo... ...Read More

The 2012 CHADD Summer Camp Awards (Secure)

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 MAKING  DIFFERENCE by Karen Sampson Hoffman, MA SUMMERTIME WAS A LITTLE SWEETER THIS YEAR for four young people who received awards through the CHADD Summer Camp Award Fund: Aaron and Eric Chapman, Drew Krepsky, and Alexa Rosenholtz. Th... ...Read More

Celebrating Human Differences (Secure)

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 PROMISING  PRACTICES COMPASSION FATIGUE IS THE PRICE WE MAY SOMETIMES PAY for the compassion we feel for others who are struggling, and for working tirelessly to help them improve their lives. Among its tell-tale signs is emotional exh... ...Read More

Moving Forward (Secure)

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 PRESIDENT'S LETTER by Barbara S. Hawkins, BA AH, THE HOLIDAYS. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times," wrote Charles Dickens. How many of us can relate to the excitement followed by upset and maybe utter devastation that chan... ...Read More