Embracing Differences

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Understanding and Meeting the Needs of Women with ADHD

by Kari Dossett, LCSW

RESEARCH SHOWS THAT ADHD IS CAUSED BY NEUROBIOLOGICAL FACTORS. This brain-based disorder may manifest in generally recognized core symptoms including inattentiveness, distractibility, disorganization, impulsivity and hyper-motor activity or restlessness. Clinicians use specific diagnostic criteria to assess and diagnose ADHD. As we learn more about the disorder, there is growing recognition that different people manifest symptoms in different ways. Some individuals deal with greater levels of hyperactivity or restlessness, while others struggle more with severe, chronic disorganization.

What factors cause these differences? It is becoming more evident that the severity and types of symptoms may be based on numerous factors, including genetics, biology, or environmental insults. One area of increased interest is the study of how gender differences manifest in people with ADHD. As more research emerges, we are seeing some stark variances in symptoms exhibited by males with ADHD and females with ADHD.

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The Secret Lives of Girls with ADHD (Secure)

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by Ellen Littman, PhD

WITH ABUNDANT INFORMATION AVAILABLE ON ADHD, we may have a false sense that we know more about the experience of girls than we really do. At last, there is ever-increasing acknowledgement that the manifestations of ADHD differ by gender. And yet, we are only beginning to appreciate the far more crucial factor—that the impact of ADHD differs significantly by gender. In fact, much about the lives of girls with ADHD is secret in that their inner world has been virtually unknown to us. Although our ability to access windows into their experience is in its infancy, we can try to make sense of the glimpses we have. Read more.

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