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Top 10 viewed articles on Behavior Modification
Developing a Brain Filter: How to Help Highly Impulsive Children and Teens Stop and Think Before Acting
Author(s): Monte W. Davenport
Topic(s): Adolescents/Teenagers, Behavior Modification, Behavioral Interventions, Children, Impulsivity, Teenagers, Treatment of ADHD
Summary: Does your child, tween, or teen GO, THINK, and then STOP? Here's how to teach your impulsive one to STOP, THINK, and then GO.
Issue: February 2013
The Joy of a Job Well Done: Building Competence through Chores
Author(s): Joyce Cooper-Kahn
Topic(s): Behavior Modification, Behavioral Interventions, Children, Self esteem, Treatment of ADHD
Summary: Chores help children to learn values and acquire skills--and increase the likelihood of lifelong success. So, how do you add chores to their daily routines when they're already struggling to keep up with school and homework due to ADHD and executive function challenges?
Issue: February 2013
Teacher Wish List
Author(s): Jeanne Kraus
Topic(s): Academic Issues, Behavior Modification, Behavioral Interventions, Homework, Lived Experience, Nutrition, Parenting, School-Aged Children, Teachers
Summary: No Abstract.
Issue: February 2013
Survival Tips for the Spouse Who Doesn't Have ADHD
Author(s): Terry M. Dickson
Topic(s): Behavior Modification, Behavior Problems, Marriage Partnerships
Summary: Can you build a better marriage when your partner has ADHD, and you don't?
Issue: February 2012
Responding with Compassion
Author(s): Grace Friedman
Topic(s): Behavior Modification, Behavior Problems, Executive Functions, Parenting
Summary: You can learn to pause and find your most skillful reaction when challenged by raising a child with ADHD or dealing with your own executive function deficits.
Issue: February 2012
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Invisible Fences, and Adult ADHD
Author(s): J. Russell Ramsay
Topic(s): Adults, Attitudes Beliefs Practices, Behavior Modification, Behavioral Interventions, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Emotional Regulation, Executive Functions
Summary: After years of experiencing criticism and misunderstanding, many adults with ADHD conclude that their difficulties reflect character flaws or laziness. Focusing on such negative outlooks and attitudes is an important component of treatment for adult ADHD, particularly in cognitive behavioral therapy.
Issue: December 2011
A Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Model for Adults with ADHD
Author(s): Mark Katz
Topic(s): Adults, Behavior Modification, Behavioral Interventions, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Promising Practices, Treatment of ADHD
Summary: No Abstract.
Issue: October 2011
Going It Alone Wasn't Getting Her There
Author(s): Katherine McGavern
Topic(s): Academic Issues, Adults, Behavior Modification, Coaching, College Students, Treatment of ADHD
Summary: A second-year medical student works with an ADHD coach to identify how her symptoms impeded her studies and develop strategies to address them.
Issue: August 2011
Enabling vs. Empowering: Creating New Habits is Critical Member Access Required
Author(s): Melissa Knight
Topic(s): Adolescents/Teenagers, Behavior Modification, Children, Organizational Skills, School-Aged Children, Time Management
Summary: Be prepared to step back at times and allow your child to fail.
Issue: December 2015
Homework Issues and Behavioral Modification Member Access Required
Author(s): Karen Sampson Hoffman
Topic(s): Academic Issues, Ask the Expert, Behavior Modification, Behavioral Interventions, Children, Homework
Summary: Recent chats with Margaret Foster, MAEd, and William E. Pelham, Jr., PhD, ABPP
Issue: February 2015
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