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Top 10 viewed articles on Educational Issues
Parents Taking Action as Case Managers Member Access Required
Author(s): Elaine Taylor-Klaus, Linda Beliveau
Topic(s): Behavioral Interventions, Case Management, Educational Issues, Medication, Parenting, Social Skills, Treatment of ADHD
Summary: Our three-part series, "Parents as Case Managers: A Roadmap for ADHD Management," concludes with a blueprint for action.
Issue: February 2014
They Told Me My Child is Disturbed: ADHD with Other Mental Health Conditions Goes to School Member Access Required
Author(s): Shari Gent
Topic(s): Academic Issues, Accommodations, Adolescents/Teenagers, Anxiety Disorders, Behavioral Interventions, Bipolar Disorder, Children, Classroom Management, Comorbid, Co-occurring Conditions, Depression, Educational Issues, Homework, Mental Health, School-based Programs, Teenagers
Summary: If you child is diagnosed with a coexisting mental health condition, support from a qualified professional is essential--as is a quality educational program.
Issue: February 2014
What Are the Tools in a Parent's Tool Box? Member Access Required
Author(s): Dulce Torres, Elaine Taylor-Klaus, Maureen Gill
Topic(s): Behavioral Interventions, Case Management, Educational Issues, Medication, Parenting, Social Skills, Treatment of ADHD
Summary: Our three-part series continues with a discussion of medical, educational, and social-emotional case management.
Issue: December 2013
Championing Disability Rights Member Access Required
Author(s): Bryan Didier, Paul Grossman
Topic(s): Accommodations, ADHD Experts, Ask the Expert, Children, College Students, Disability, Educational Issues, Educational Rights, School-Aged Children
Summary: No Abstract.
Issue: October 2013
Backpack Awareness Member Access Required
Author(s): Zara Harris
Topic(s): Children, Educational Issues, School-Aged Children
Summary: Parents of children with organizational challenges worry more that they remember their backpacks and books than that they are carrying them correctly. Here's how to choose, pack, and war this important back-to-school accessory.
Issue: August 2013
Are Paraprofessional Supports Helpful? Member Access Required
Author(s): Betsy Hoza, Michael F. Giangreco
Topic(s): Children, Classroom Management, Educational Issues, School-Aged Children, Teachers, Teaching Strategies
Summary: When students with ADHD are placed in regular classrooms, educational teams frequently ask whether a paraprofessional should be assigned.
Issue: August 2013
LearningWorks for Kids Member Access Required
Author(s): Mark Katz
Topic(s): Academic Issues, Assistive Devices, Children, Computer Games, Educational Issues, Promising Practices
Summary: No Abstract.
Issue: August 2013
When Common Core Standards Meet Uncommon Learners: What You Need to Know About Changes in the Classroom
Author(s): Janet Price
Topic(s): Academic Issues, Children, Educational Issues, Executive Functions, School-Aged Children
Summary: All but five states have begun implementing new curriculum based on these guidelines. What are the classroom implications for students with ADHD?
Issue: June 2013
Supporting Students with ADHD in Independent and Private Schools
Author(s): Susan H. Biggs
Topic(s): Academic Issues, Children, Educational Issues, Educational Rights, Private Schools, School-Aged Children
Summary: Private school can be a viable educational option for students with learning differences, but it's important to understand the advantages as well as the challenges.
Issue: June 2013
Embracing Differences: Understanding and Meeting the Needs of Women with ADHD
Author(s): Kari Dossett
Topic(s): Diagnosis Symptoms, Educational Issues, Financial Issues, Friendships Relationships, Mothers, Occupational Outcomes, Parenting, Parents with ADHD, Social Skills, Women
Summary: More women are affected by ADHD than once believed, even if they are not identified until later in life. The neurobiological deficits reach across all domains and developmental stages of their lives, potentially impacting higher education, social relationships, finances, health, career, and parenting.
Issue: February 2013
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