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Parenting Young Adults with ADHD

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Anthony Rostain, MD, MA, on the years of transition to adulthood interview by Susan Buningh, MRE PARENTS ARE OFTEN PERPLEXED ABOUT THEIR ROLE DURING THE SOMETIMES DIFFICULT YEARS when their children with ADHD are transitioning to adulthood. For gui... ...Read More

CHADD's Teacher to Teacher and School Success

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A Holistic Approach to Educating Faculty and Staff about ADHD by Mari Foret THE TWO WEEKS BEFORE SCHOOL OPENS IN THE FALL can be some of the busiest of the year. Typically, faculty and staff are setting up their rooms and finalizing lesson plans to... ...Read More

Spanish P2P Teacher Certification Training Held (Secure)

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MAKING A DIFFERENCE by Isabel O’Daly CHADD HELD AN HISTORIC SPANISH PARENT TO PARENT teacher certification training in San Jose, California, in late September of 2012. With the help of Parents Helping Parents and Matrix Parent Network, we were ... ...Read More

The 2012 CHADD Summer Camp Awards (Secure)

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MAKING  DIFFERENCE by Karen Sampson Hoffman, MA SUMMERTIME WAS A LITTLE SWEETER THIS YEAR for four young people who received awards through the CHADD Summer Camp Award Fund: Aaron and Eric Chapman, Drew Krepsky, and Alexa Rosenholtz. They received... ...Read More

Celebrating Human Differences (Secure)

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PROMISING  PRACTICES COMPASSION FATIGUE IS THE PRICE WE MAY SOMETIMES PAY for the compassion we feel for others who are struggling, and for working tirelessly to help them improve their lives. Among its tell-tale signs is emotional exhaustion. We... ...Read More

Moving Forward (Secure)

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PRESIDENT'S LETTER by Barbara S. Hawkins, BA AH, THE HOLIDAYS. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times," wrote Charles Dickens. How many of us can relate to the excitement followed by upset and maybe utter devastation that changes in... ...Read More

Handling Seasonal Stress (Secure)

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ASK THE EXPERT A chat with Marie S. Paxson MARIE S. PAXSON, FORMER PRESIDENT OF CHADD, is co-chair of the editorial advisory board for Attention magazine. As the parent of two young adults with ADHD, she is a veteran of many holiday seasons. ... ...Read More

ADHD and Spirituality

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WE’D LOVE TO SPARK A CONVERSATION ABOUT THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF LIVING WITH ADHD. At this reflective and hopeful time of year, we begin with some personal experiences submitted by readers. Please share your stories with us and continue the discus... ...Read More

My Big Fat ADHD Holiday

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Attention readers share tales of surviving celebrations gone awry THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF HOLLY JOLLY Stacey Turis There’s something about the holiday season and me that just doesn’t jive well together. I write "something" like it&r... ...Read More

Bullies in the Workplace

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A Real Problem with Real Effects by Bryan Jaffe ABOUT 54 MILLION AMERICANS HAVE EXPERIENCED BULLYING AT THEIR WORKPLACE, according to data collected by the Workplace Bullying Institute and Psychology Today. This number represents more than one-thir... ...Read More

Power of the Group: Girls Helping Girls

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by Patrice B.F. Garver, PhD PEER SUPPORT AMONG GIRLS WITH ADHD WITHIN A GROUP SETTING — irls face—can be an effective, therapeutic, and empowering experience. The power of group support and the group process allows each member to be herself, expre... ...Read More

The Secret Lives of Girls with ADHD (Secure)

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by Ellen Littman, PhD

WITH ABUNDANT INFORMATION AVAILABLE ON ADHD, we may have a false sense that we know more about the experience of girls than we really do. At last, there is ever-increasing acknowledgement that the manifestations of ADHD differ by gender. And yet, we are only beginning to appreciate the far more crucial factor—that the impact of ADHD differs significantly by gender. In fact, much about the lives of girls with ADHD is secret in that their inner world has been virtually unknown to us. Although our ability to access windows into their experience is in its infancy, we can try to make sense of the glimpses we have. Read more.

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