Social Challenges at Work

Categories: 2011, April

ADHD and Social Challenges at Work by Michele Novotni, PhD ...Read More

Play Together

Categories: 2011, June

Play Together: Have Fun While Helping Your Child with ADHD by Jeffrey M. Halperin, PhD, Carol A. Yoon, and Maria Rozon ...Read More

Friendship Coach

Categories: 2011, February

How You Can Be a Friendship Coach for Your Child with ADHD by Amori Yi Mikami, PhD ...Read More

ADHD Medication Essentials (Secure)

Categories: 2011, October

ADHD Medication Essentials, by Charles Parker, DO ...Read More

ADHD Medication Resources

Categories: 2011, October

ADHD Medication Resources, by Soleil Gregg, MA ...Read More


Categories: 2011, October

ADVOCACY IN ACTION: Saving SSI for Children with ADHD, by Soleil Gregg, MA ...Read More

Hi-Tech Health Records (Secure)

Categories: 2011, October

High-Tech Health Records, by Steven Peer ...Read More

LE Our First Year (Secure)

Categories: 2011, October

LIVED EXPERIENCE: Our First Year with ADHD, by K.C. Freeman ...Read More

Medication Diary (Secure)

Categories: 2011, October

The Medication Diary: A Useful Tool for Monitoring ADHD Treatment, by Keath Low ...Read More

PL Love or Fear (Secure)

Categories: 2011, October

Operating Out of Love or Fear, by Steven Peer ...Read More

PP CBT Model

Categories: 2011, October

PROMISING PRACTICES: A Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Model for Adults with ADHD, by Mark Katz ...Read More

Track Your Progress (Secure)

Categories: 2011, October

Track Your Progress: A Free Toolkit to Help You and Your Doctor, by Gina Pera ...Read More

Rating Scales (Secure)

Categories: 2011, October

Rating Scales: Help or Hindrance in the Diagnosis of ADHD? by Patricia Quinn, MD ...Read More

Ramsay CBT

Categories: 2011, December

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Invisible Fences, and ADHD by Russell Ramsay ...Read More

Voices (Secure)

Categories: 2011, December

Voices of ADHD Diagnosis in Midlife and Beyond, as told to Gina Pera ...Read More

Undiagnosed Adults

Categories: 2011, December

DEALING WITH UNDIAGNOSED/UNTREATED ADHD: Eh, listen... I'm wondering if you've ever thought about... wondered (cringe, recoil) that you might have ADHD? by James Karustis, PhD ...Read More

Childcare Challenges (Secure)

Categories: 2011, December

Childcare Challenges compiled by Marie S. Paxson ...Read More


Categories: 2011, December

December TOC ...Read More

LE Damnable Gift (Secure)

Categories: 2011, December

A Damnable Gift, LE by Tim Pitts ...Read More

PP Active Minds

Categories: 2011, December

Active Minds: Changing the Conversation about Mental Health, promising practices by Mark Katz ...Read More

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