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504 Plans and Bullying: What Are Your Child's Rights? Member Access Required
Author(s): Beth Callahan
Topic(s): Bullying, Children, Educational Rights, Individual Education Plans IEPs
Summary: The school has specific responsibilities if your child is bullied at school because of ADHD.
Issue: October 2015
Using OCR to Address Disability Discrimination in Public Schools Member Access Required
Author(s): Paul Grossman
Topic(s): Adolescents/Teenagers, Advocacy, Children, Educational Rights
Summary: No abstract.
Issue: April 2015
A Parent's Guide to Section 504 in Public Schools
Author(s): Mary Durheim
Topic(s): Adolescents/Teenagers, Advocacy, Children, Educational Rights, Parent Education Training, Section 504 Rehabilitation Act of 1973
Summary: No abstract.
Issue: April 2015
What Students with ADHD and Their Parents Should Know About College
Author(s): Elizabeth C. Hamblet
Topic(s): Accommodations, College Students, Educational Rights, Life Changes, Parenting, Transitions
Summary: An expert on the college transition for students with disabilities answers commonly asked questions on what to expect at the post-secondary level.
Issue: December 2013
Championing Disability Rights
Author(s): Paul Grossman
Topic(s): Accommodations, ADHD Experts, Ask the Expert, Children, College Students, Disability, Educational Issues, Educational Rights, School-Aged Children
Summary: No Abstract.
Issue: October 2013
Supporting Students with ADHD in Independent and Private Schools
Author(s): Susan H. Biggs
Topic(s): Academic Issues, Children, Educational Issues, Educational Rights, Private Schools, School-Aged Children
Summary: Private school can be a viable educational option for students with learning differences, but it's important to understand the advantages as well as the challenges.
Issue: June 2013
The Four ATE's of Effective Student Advocacy
Author(s): Katherine Ellison
Topic(s): Educational Issues, Educational Rights
Summary: This article discusses maximizing your child's education opportunities and minimize obstacles along theway by following these four simple rules.
Issue: August 2007
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