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504 Plans and Bullying: What Are Your Child's Rights? Member Access Required
Author(s): Beth Callahan
Topic(s): Bullying, Children, Educational Rights, Individual Education Plans IEPs
Summary: The school has specific responsibilities if your child is bullied at school because of ADHD.
Issue: October 2015
To Sign or Not to Sign: Medicaid and IEPs Member Access Required
Author(s): Tracy Brunner
Topic(s): Health Services, Individual Education Plans IEPs, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act IDEA, Insurance, Medicaid
Summary: Why are schools billing Medicaid for IEP services? What happens if parents agree?
Issue: October 2015
Is Your Child's School ADHD-Friendly? A chat with Maureen Gill, LCSW
Author(s): Maureen Gill
Topic(s): Ask the Expert, Children, Educational Issues, Individual Education Plans IEPs, Teachers, Teaching Strategies
Summary: No abstract.
Issue: August 2012
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