HCR 13 Principles

Get Involved - Health Care Reform and Congress - During August

13 Principles to Consider 

CHADD encourages everyone interested in helping people with AD/HD and related and/or co-occurring disorders—including families and health care professionals—to contact their members of Congress before Congress returns to Washington, DC, on September 8. Explain what health care reform can do to help people with AD/HD.

CHADD’s messages are consistent with those of the Campaign for Mental Health Reform, Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities, National Health Council, Whole Health Campaign, Congressional Tri-Caucus, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Mental Health America, First Focus, National Council for Community Behavioral Health, and many other coalitions and sister organizations.

CHADD does not have policy suggestions regarding how to finance comprehensive health care reform, but we have core principles to improve the health of millions of Americans with special health care needs, including AD/HD. CHADD does not have a position on the concept of a “public plan” or “regional cooperative.” Many different financing approaches can address these core principles. We hope that all members of Congress interested in health care reform can incorporate our 13 principles into their proposals.

CHADD supports: 

  1. A health care initiative that provides health care coverage for all Americans.
  2. Health care plans that require “parity” for mental health assessment and treatment. This includes non-discrimination between health conditions.
  3. Health care plans must not discriminate on the basis of pre-existing conditions or health status.
  4. Health care plans must not terminate coverage when people become seriously ill or are being treated for long-term chronic conditions and must not have lifetime caps.
  5. Health plans must not be allowed to charge exorbitant out-of-pocket deductibles and co-pays.
  6. A health care initiative that allows young adults to stay covered on their parents’ plan until the age of 26.
  7. A health care initiative that specifically covers young adults, with a particular focus on young adults with special health care needs.
  8. A health care initiative that specifically covers the assessment and treatment of children, particularly those children with special health care needs.
  9. A health care initiative that requires continued affordable coverage when one loses or changes jobs.
  10. A health care initiative that includes wellness and prevention services.
  11. A health care initiative that emphasizes integrated primary health care with specialty services, including promotion of the medical home concept. This also includes consumer-oriented and “meaningful” use of electronic medical records and personal health records.
  12. A health care initiative that allows all citizens a choice of health plans.
  13. A health care initiative that requires health plans to include culturally and linguistically appropriate programs and affirmative provisions dealing with racial and ethnic disparities. This includes recognition of disability-based health disparities.

Details of CHADD’s approach are available from our public policy website and several CEO blogs.

Get involved: (as suggested by NAMI)

  1. Request a meeting with your member of Congress at their local offices
  2. Attend the town hall meetings
  3. Call in to local radio talk shows
  4. Talk to members of Congress during picnics, parades, and other public events
  5. Write letters to the editor of your local paper (with copies to appropriate members of Congress) 

CHADD does not have answers to all the complex issues raised in national health care reform. Implementation of the 13 principles above will result in significant improvement in health and financial security for individuals with AD/HD, and related and/or co-occurring disorders. Different financing provisions can address each of these 13 principles.

Posted August 18, 2009