NHC HCR Alert 072909

National Health Council and CHADD Urge You to Call Your U.S. Senators and Representative TODAY, July 29, 2009

CHADD has joined the National Health Council’s effort to ask Congress to pass comprehensive healthcare reform. Please join in this effort.  

The information below is designed to help you collect your ideas before you call your U.S. Senators and Representative. Take a minute to write down what you want to say. There is a place for you to insert your own story about the healthcare system. Stories help members of Congressand their staff   understand more clearly that healthcare reform will impact the lives of real people.

When you are ready, call the toll-free phone numbers below. Your calls will be redirected to the appropriate offices. We are encouraging as many people as possible to call on
Wednesday, July 29. If you are unable to call today, the phone lines will be open until Friday, August 7.

Call 1-866-308-6259 to reach your representative. You will hear a pre-recorded message. Enter your zip code using the numbers on your touch-tone phone. Your call will be redirected to the Representative’s office.

Call 1-866-544-7573 to reach your senators. Again, you will hear a pre-recorded message and will need to enter your zip code. You will then be asked whether you want your call to go to your state’s junior senator or senior senator. Each state has two senators, and the senior senator from your state has been in the Senate longer than the junior senator. To send your call to your junior senator, Press 1. To send your call to your senior senator, Press 2. After making your selection, your call will be redirected to the appropriate office.

If there is a problem transferring you to your member of Congress, your call will go to the U.S. Capitol operator who will assist you. If you get a busy signal, hang up and try again later. You will eventually get through.  

Hi, my name is __________.
  I’m a voter from ____ (give your home town).

May I please speak to the staff person who handles healthcare issues? I would like to discuss why healthcare reform is important to me and my family.

The healthcare staff person may not be available to talk to you when you call. If so, continue your conversation with the receptionist.

Share your personal story. For example, have you been denied health insurance because of a diagnosis of AD/HD or will your insurance plan not cover the cost of your medication? Do you wish you received better, coordinated care for your AD/HD and other health conditions?

I ask that Congress support the following five CORE principles of healthcare reform. 

Health care reform must:
- Cover everyone,

- Curb costs responsibly,
- Abolish exclusions for pre-existing conditions,
- Eliminate lifetime caps on health benefits, and
- Ensure access to long-term and end-of-life care.

All Americans deserve healthcare that meets theses five principles. They were developed by the National Health Council, an organization dedicated to providing a united voice for the people with chronic diseases and disabilities and CHADD, the nation’s leading organization serving people affected by AD/HD. 

I hope Congress will do the right thing and vote for healthcare reform this year that Puts Patients First.  We can’t wait! Thank you for your time.

Posted July 29, 2009