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CHADD is part of a social movement more than twenty years in the making that seeks to reshape how society treats, accommodates, and views people with  ADHD. Our movement is made up of countless individuals with ADHD, their families, teachers, friends, and leaders in the mental health field. We realize the most effective way to accomplish our goals is through sustained and strategic outreach to policymakers on the state and federal levels.

We are moving to make a difference for people with ADHD. And we need your help. We want you to be armed with information to make a difference in your own life, whether that means dealing with issues in the classroom, the boardroom, or your living room.

Where We Stand

Public Policy Agenda for Children & Adolescents
Public Policy Agenda for Adults

Photo Above: Author Blake Taylor and Miss Wyoming Courtney Gifford represent CHADD during AACAP's Hill Day 2009. Photo Courtesy Nadine Taylor-Barnes


Current Issues and Advocacy

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