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The CHADD Team

Our team is building the capacity of the ADHD community to deliver programs and services to meet the needs and wants of children and adults with ADHD, their parents, educators, and the professionals who treat them.

All of CHADD’s staff can be reached at 301-306-7070

Chief Operations Officer, April Gower


Membership and Marketing
Katie Hadlich, Membership and Marketing Associate


Affiliate Development and Support (Chapter Services)
Dawn Koplos, Director of Affiliate Development and Support


Communications and Media Relations
Susan Buningh, MRE, Executive Editor, Attention and chadd.org; Media Relations


Programs and Services


National Resource Center on ADHD (NRC)

Susan Vosburgh, LCSW-C, DCSW, Director of the NRC
Sarah Firestone, MSW, Health and Information Team Leader and Operations Manager
Alice Dull, MFA, Digital Media Specialist
Petrina Chong Hollingsworth, MA, MBA, Technical Science Editor
Karen Sampson Hoffman, MA, Health Information Specialist
Zuali Malsawma, MLS, Librarian
Carla Marin, Health Information Specialist
Melanie Yu, Marketing Specialist


Educational Training and Outreach
Trish White, Manager, P2P and T2T


Meetings and Events (Conference)
Jantell Stone, MA, Manager of Meetings, Events, and Exhibits


Resource Development and Stewardship
Cathy Morgan, Director of Resource Development and Stewardship
Wanda Bazemore, Resource Development Associate


Arlene Pisano, Webmaster / Web Developer
Karen Bradford, Database Manager


Operations and Finance
Katie Hadlich, Staff Accountant