Chief Executive Officer

Ruth Hughes, PhD, CEO
Ruth Hughes is a clinical psychologist, the mother of an adult son with ADHD, and the CEO of CHADD. During her years at CHADD, she has worn many hats and has at various times been responsible for public policy, chapters, membership, Parent to Parent Training and Teacher to Teacher training. For seventeen years she was the Chief Executive Officer of the International Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services (now USPRA), an association representing providers or rehabilitation services to adults and children with serious mental illnesses. Today her work focuses on advocating for a system of care where every child and adult with ADHD has access to state-of-the-art information and services.

Communications and Media Relations

Susan Buningh, MRE, Executive Editor, Attention and; Media Relations
Susan Buningh is executive editor of Attention magazine and the CHADD website, as well as the online publications Attention 2.0 and Attention 2.0 Professional Edition. She is also responsible for handling media inquiries and communications for the National ADHD Education Initiative. Susan edited various print publications for more than twenty-five years before coming to CHADD in 2007. Susan holds an AB in history from Vassar College and a master's in religious education. A longtime Special Olympics volunteer and equestrian coach, Susan is the mother of an adult daughter who has intellectual disabilities.

Membership and Affiliate Services

Trish White, Director of Membership and Affiliate Services
Karen Bradford, Membership Database Coordinator
Wanda Bazemore, Membership and Development Accounts Coordinator

Parent to Parent

Isabel O'Daly, Parent to Parent Training Coordinator


Christine Hoch, Director of Development

Barbara Rose, Advertising Manager

Operations and Finance

Marsha Williams, Staff Accountant

Meetings and Event Planning

Renée Battle, CMP, Director of Meetings and Events 

Jantell Stone, MA, Manager, Meetings, Events, and Exhibits

National Resource Center on ADHD (NRC)

Sarah S. Firestone, MSW, Health Information Team Leader and Operations Manager

Patricia Grady, Health Information Specialist
Adisa Griffin, Health Information Specialist
Karen Sampson Hoffman, MA, Health Information Specialist
Zuali Malsawma, MLS, Librarian
Cynthia Troy, Receptionist
Danae Henderson, Admin. Ass't.