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Boards and Staff

Mission Statement:

CHADD improves the lives of people affected by ADHD
In working toward our mission, the behavior of the CHADD staff and volunteer leadership is determined by the following core values:
Respectful, open communication
Quality of our work product and productivity in our work effort, to assure sustained customer satisfaction
Flexibility and teamwork
A demonstrated commitment to diversity in all its forms
Dedication to fulfilling CHADD's mission with passion and enthusiasm
Adopted by the CHADD board of directors October 28, 2003 and reaffirmed December 2006

CHADD’s Board of Directors

The CHADD National Board of Directors is a select group of individuals from a variety of backgrounds, bound by their shared interests in educating and advocating for ADHD. They are responsible for setting policy and overseeing the organization's general well being. The board consists of professionals in medicine, law, education and psychology, as well as other related fields. In order to implement CHADD's primary objectives, the CHADD Board of Directors puts into place an annual strategic plan that identifies the objectives that are measurable and provide action to support and promote CHADD's mission and principles.
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CHADD’s Staff

CHADD is fortunate to have a capable, caring and highly professional staff. From the mailroom to the boardroom to the CEO's office, CHADD employees have one thing in common: They all work hard and contribute their talents to make the world a better place for people living with ADHD. They work tirelessly every day to educate the public, policymakers, members of the media, parents and educators about the disorder. The secrets to CHADD's success:  Experience, Talent and Diversity. CHADD attracts the best and the brightest and the most seasoned professionals from all over the country and actively seeks to promote diversity within its ranks. This stellar list of employees enables the organization to make a difference for millions of people affected by ADHD and their families.
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CHADD Professional Advisory Board

CHADD is at the forefront of publishing and disseminating the most current scientifically based and authoritative information about ADHD to members and professionals in the areas of medicine, psychology, education, law and other professions. The members of CHADD's professional advisory board (PAB) are experts in these and related fields. They play an integral part in keeping the organization abreast of the latest developments regarding all aspects of ADHD, including research into cause and treatments, behavior management, employment, insurance, coexisting conditions and other issues surrounding ADHD.
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CHADD Public Policy Committee

The Public Policy Committee is charged with advocating on behalf of persons with ADHD and related disorders by influencing national, state, and local public policies. As a committee, we monitor legislation and regulatory agencies as they relate to ADHD, particularly in the justice and educational systems, civil rights, employment and healthcare. The committee is goal-oriented, establishing legislative priorities that we wish to influence, and responding to concerns as they develop.
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